Brandyn C. 8-224

All about dagorhir.

Also known as dag it is a full contact sport. It may not look like one but you need hand eye cordination, full body movement and good notice of your surroundings. It was started in 1977 in Washington D.C. Now it has spread across the united states and in Europe. Even though the weapons and such are foam there is much contact that goes into the sport. There are many in the united states. Each place where there is a camp is called a chapter there are MANY chapters in america. There is one in Newtown here. Also there are major events around the U.S. That have around 1,000 people at once. There are 2 in Pennsylvania called Ragnarok which has about 1,400 people and another one called Baden hill which has around 1,000 members. After that there are Ides of march, father Christmas, winter war, Olympics, gates of fire, Coronation, And many many more. Even though the weapons are foam, People still where full metal armor and other clothing like that. Finally you can make whatever you imagine. It is not only fighting, you can make armor weapons, pottery so it has a lot of mid evil content within it.
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