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So what is Symbaloo exactly??

This Is Symbaloo

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Some terms you should know....

Webmix--a collection of links to resources such as web sites, videos, or files with URL's.

Tiles--the clickable buttons on the webmix that link to resources.

Gallery--searchable webmixes that have been created by others and are free for you to use.

Some ideas for kinds of webmixes...

Unit or Theme

Six Weeks

"When You're Finished" Activities

Digital Portfolio of Student Work

Personal hobbies/interests

Create a webmix from scratch...

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Create a tile...

  • Click on an empty tile in your webmix
  • When sidebar opens, click on Create a Tile
  • Enter the website address
  • Enter the Name to appear on the tile & select Show Text
  • Choose a background color, text color, icon/image
  • Save

Some popular sites may have tiles already created in the database. Click on Search a tile rather than creating a tile from scratch.

Widgets in the Center

  • You cannot get rid of the center box, but you can change it.
  • Go to your profile icon and choose "Preferences"
  • Make your selections and Save

Public or Private? Shared or Not Shared?

  • By default your webmix is private
  • You can choose to make a webmix public (searchable in the Gallery)
  • You can share a web mix (through URL or embed link) even though it is Private
  • Click on the "Share" icon at top of screen
  • Go to "Webmix Details"
Share Your Webmix - Symbaloo #HowTo

Change Your Wallpaper

Wallpapers - Symbaloo #HowTo

Using Symbaloo with Google Drive

Combining Google Drive With Symbaloo Video

Symbaloo Lesson Plans

Symbaloo Lesson Plans

Tracking & Analytics in Symbaloo Lesson Plans

Tracking and Analytics in Symbaloo Lesson Plans