Galileo Galilei

By: Jade Baker

Galileo Galilei

Lifespan: Born in 1564- Died in 1642

Why is Galileo So Important?

Galileo plays a huge part in our education and scientific advancement today because of things he's done in the past. Throughout this presentation, you will realize how important he is to us today.

Galileo Early Life

Galileo was born in Pisa, Italy on February 15, 1564 and was the first of either 6 or 7 children. His family was not rich, but belonged to nobility, and they moved to Florence, Italy in the early 1570's. In 1583, Galileo entered the University of Pisa where he studied medicine. Later on he became fascinated with mathematics and physics , in which soon he became known as a astronomer.

Galileo's Theory

The image below shows two theories, the Geocentric Theory and the Heliocentric Theory. The Geocentric Theory comes from the Bible's or the Church's point of view where the universe is Earth centered and everything revolves around us. Galileo disagreed with this theory so he then supported the Heliocentric Theory. The Heliocentric Theory was created by Nicolas Copernicus but was very strongly supported by Galileo. The support was so strong that he published a book stating the theory and his thoughts.
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Tension Rising

When Galileo's newly published book reached to audiences, people were very upset, saying that his words were against God. Part of the main reason people were so upset was because the churches didn't want other people to follow Galileo and go against gods words, which was the Geocentric Theory. This brought Galileo to court, where he said he meant every word he said, but then soon apologized. People started to calm down, but Galileo had punishment; a life time behind bars.

Fun Fact- Though Galileo was a firm believer in Copernicus's theory, he did not believe in Kepler's theory stating the moon is what causes the tides.

Below is some of Galileo's inventions:

Fun Fact- Galileo's fingers, tooth, and vertebrae are a part of the Florence History of Science Museum in Italy. Below is one of his very own fingers; weird right?

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Why is Galileo an important part in our history?

His inventions from compasses and balances, to improved telescopes and microscopes, revolutionized astronomy and biology. With the help of Galileo, both our science and education has advanced.


From this research I've learned so much more about Galileo's life, and inventions. Also how big of an effect he has made on our history, education, and science.


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