Tours attractions to Finland

You haven't traveled until you travel to Finland!

There are many places to go to in Finland.Finland has many famous places to see. Aland Island one of the most visited places in Finland. The National capital Helsinki. Helsinki is the most populated area and most visited by tourists. The inside attractions of Helsinki is its National Museum, City Museum, and Finnish Art Gallery.

Aland Island

  • Aland Island is the largest island in the group, its known as "Main Island."
  • It is recognized for its unspoiled nature and beautiful landscapes.
  • In 1977, people who lived on Aland Island wanted to be part of Sweden.
  • Aland Island is a good place to learn about Finland's history.

National Capital Helsinki

  • The town Helsinki was ravaged by a plague in 1710 and burned to the ground in 1713.
  • Russia invaded Finland in 1808.
  • Helsinki Stadium, was built for the 1952 Olympic Games.

The journey to Aland is half the experience!

Recommended traveling

  • by ferry (most recommended by tourists!)
  • Air or own boat