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History in Argentina was very interesting. It includes having wars with other places such as Great Britain. Before the Spanish began to colonize Argentina in the 1500's, the area was mainly populated by indigenous groups with most belonged to the Ican empire. A revolution erupted in 1810, and lasted 6 years before independence was declared. Another interesting fact about there history is that Carlos Saúl Menem was voted president in 1989. Menem became the first democratically elected Argentine President to peacefully replace another president who had been elected. He worked towards containing runway inflation,and stabilizing democratic institutions.

In addition to waring with spain, there was also a war with the falk lands. Tensions grew between the United Kingdom and Argentina over the las Islas Malunias( or the Falkland Islands)UK rejected an Argentine proposal for talks on the islands sovereignty (sovereignty means power of authority). This cited the Falkland Islanders' strong desire to maintain association with the UK. Argentina still claims that they're potentially rich in soil. Another cool fact about their history has to be when Perón( a ruler) was killed after a series of Military and elected governments. He left his wife Eva to rule. She was outsted in 1976 by the military which caused a seven year long dirty war. It was against the armed and unarmed civilians in efforts to reconstruct Argentina.

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In Argentina the government is similar to ours in a couple ways. They are different in some ways because they can vote when they are 16 and here we have to be 18. So in Argentina you are still a kid and get to vote. When people vote it is at least one third of the room is woman and the rest is men. They have 23 provinces and one federal district. Like us, In Argentina they have one president and one vice president.
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In Argentina agriculture is very important to them. Although agriculture is important to them it does not offer very many jobs for the argentines. They are famous for livestock, and is also one of the world’s largest exporters of wool, beef, and hides. In the 1900s Argentina was one of the richest countries in the world, but since 1930 they have had economic problems. To add to the problems Brazil, one of Argentina’s largest trading partner, lowered their currency value. This made Argentina loose exports. Throughout the 1990s former president Menem's then said that there was economic growth throughout their countrys economy.
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In Argentina the culture is a fun thing to learn about. One of the reasons why it is fun to learn about is that they greet people when they are strangers and don’t know them so they say “Hello” to each other and shake their hands. When they know someone they hug and respect them to know they are friends. The food that they have in Argentina are very good. One of their favourites is the traditional food beef. They have beef on special occasions like all the holidays and their birthday. On the holidays they celebrate the same holidays as we do like easter, new years eve, Christmas , and birthdays,on halloween the kids get candy and dress up like us , but they have to do a joke to the people they are getting candy from,and make them laugh to get candy. In Argentina soccer or futball is the most popular sport there. But they also like horse racing, field hockey table tennis, and polo. Old people like to play Chess or as they call it Bonchos . This is why i think that it is fun to learn about the culture in Argentina .
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Current Events

In March 2013 the newly elected pope Francis was from Argentina.

Hundreds of people were injured and 5 were killed because police demanded higher pay. This lead to people looting shops.In November Cristina Kirchner, Argentina’s president, was medically cleared after having surgery. She had surgery because doctors found bleeding in her brain. One of the most populated cities in the world is the capital city of Buenos Aires, with more than 13 million people in its metropolitan area.

Places to go and see

  1. Mar del Plata- the countries top beach resort city. It attracks millions of tourists every year to it's sandy beachesand lively culture.
  2. Cordoba, Argentina- Second largest city, best known for it's concrentration of Spanish colonial buildings.
  3. Puerto Madryn- Best known for beautiful sandy beaches, although water can be very cold.
  4. Baniloche- With it's Chocolate shops, Swiss Style architecture, lakes and snow capped mountains, Barlioche is a very enchanting cuty
  5. Ushuaia- formly used because of it's isolated location, it's popular for Antartica Cruises, winter sports, and wildlife veiwing.
  6. Mendoza- largest wine producing region, and has an amazing scencry and outdoor adventures (hiking, horse riding, river rafting, and more.)
  7. El Calafate- sleepy town, and has tourist attractions such as the moreno Gelacies (popular for display of cracking and thunding ice breaks)
  8. Los Gaciares- National park and home to some of the worlds inspiring natural wonders.
  9. Buenos Aires- It includes things from the colorful Eurpoen cultur. (shopping, government cusine, and sizzling nightlife)
  10. Iguazu Falls-Most stunning natural wonders, its a series of magnificent water falls located on the Igauzu river.

Survival List

  1. Camera-taking pretty pictures to remember your trip

  2. Light Jacket-if it gets a little chilly outside

  3. Umbrella-incase it rains

  4. Rain Coat-incase it is wet outside
  5. Bug spray-if it buggy outside
  6. Gym Shoes or hiking shoes-if you want to go hiking
  7. Sunglasses- if it is really sunny
  8. Sunscreen-so you don't get sunburn
  9. Hat-so the sun stays out of your face
  10. Water Bottle-So you don't get thristy

5 Famous People

First I’m going to start off by telling you about the athletes. Since argentines play soccer, more or less live soccer, they have many talented well known players such as…

- Lionel Messi

Messi won the FIFA World Player of the Year award in 2009 after scoring thirty-eight goals during the 2008-09 season with Barcelona. Also he is a forward who gained world fame while playing with FC Barcelona and as captain of Argentina's national team.

- Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona is most likey so well know in America because of his move, the Maradona. He is a midfielder who helped bring success of 1986 World Cup for Argentina and is widely considered one of the greatest soccer players of all-time.

Along with soccer players Argentina has some ok basketball. One of their stars is…

- Manu Ginobili

Ginobili is a NBA shooting guard who led Argentina to Gold in basketball at the 2004 Olympics. He also won the 3rd NBA championship with the San Antonio Spurs in 2007.

In Argentina they have more than sports some other important people are…

- Pope Francis

He expressed to the world for his view on homosexuality and contraception. But is most likely know for being the 266th Pope of the Catholic Church.

- Eva Peron

Argentina’s First Lady from 1946 to 1952 who also became a hero in her country for fighting for women's suffrage and labor rights. Most know her from the musical called Evita.