You Can Do This!!

From Birth to College, Homeschool Classically

How to Homeschool Through Highschool with Classical Conversations

Have you ever asked yourself, "How will I get through the high school years with my teen?" I know I have. Even veteran Homeschool moms need encouragement, Do you have a plan to get through high school and prepare your child for college? Come join us as we discuss these topics :

  • difference between modern and classical education
  • what makes an education classical
  • the roots and reason behind public education
  • how CC+ our dual enrollment program works
  • Pros/Cons of doing a dual enrollment program

  • what are the requirements

  • how much will I save and what is the cost

Plus much more. Join us for some great conversation and coffee.

You Can Do This!

Wednesday, April 27th, 3-5pm

1600 East Glenn Avenue

Auburn, AL

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