Amber Explores Twitter

World Does Not End

One Tweet Started It All

As someone with significant experience in the English language, it should be embarrassing to admit how long it took me to figure out the first hashtag I kept seeing everywhere: #nscw14. (National School Counselor Week, 2014) One would think the shower of gifts I received on Monday would have tipped me off. Alas, it took awhile before I figured out why I kept seeing it on all the counselors I followed. But got it!

One Tweet Leads to Another

Following the #nscw14 led me to a link about an online conference that happened today. I missed it! Bummer. But I can watch it on YouTube through a link! Redemption! That event also led me to this flier app. (And since I'm "that kid," you know, the one who lives to please teachers, I decided to try this online flier business out and impress my instructor.) Plus, I think this is something I could use to advertise school events. The best education is an applicable one, right?

This also led to a great article from a principal who appreciates his counselors. I stumbled across the ACA (American Counseling Association), which reminded me that even though I don't want to follow them, I do want to follow ASCA (American School Counseling Association). So I found and followed ASCA. Which led me to some funny images.

This Assignment

Was beneficial because I never would have thought to look through twitter.
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The Future of School Counseling