The Pink Eraser

By the one and only, BEN KRUGER

Raw Materials

A pink eraser is only made out of rubber. But rubber is actually made out of something else! Rubber is made out of Latex. Rubber is recyclable, reusable, and renewable. Rubber should not be thrown away. If you recycle rubber they can use that rubber to make new rubber materials and items. Rubber can be reusable but it is not very often you would need to reuse rubber. Finally, rubber comes from Latex which is definitely renewable.


Latex is a milky white liquid that is extracted from Rubber Trees (Hevea Brasiliensis). Hevea Brasiliensis can be extracted once it is 6 years old and you to get latex for about 25 to 30 years. People who extract the latex are known as rubber tappers. Rubber tappers use a special tapping knife to put an incision in the rubber trees to let the latex flow out. Tappers can start as early as 2 in the morning because the cool air helps encourage the latex to flow. They continue to work until late morning. The latex is flown to a cup attached to the tree and by noon or early afternoon the latex stops flowing. They then transfer the liquid to a bigger bucket.


After collecting the Latex, the liquid is poured into molds. Then, they add a formic acid to coagulate the liquid. The acid will soon form into a solid block of rubber. They usually flatten the block into thin sheets of it. The common tool to use to flatten it is with a wooden roller. Once they are done flattening it as well as they can, they put it through the mangle machine, a machine that is used to flatten rubber into thin sheets. Once they are formed into sheets they set them to dry. Once they are done drying they will turn golden brown and will be ready to sell and made into erasers.

Problems With Rubber?

There is nothing seriously wrong with rubber but there are two things. Rubber factories are starting to take up a lot of land and the chemicals that is used to form the latex to rubber can be harmful to the outside world.


I believe the best solution is to upgrade the rubber manufacturing factories. If we upgrade them instead of build more that can significantly slow down the problem with the factories taking up a lot of land and space. Also, it would cost less than building a bunch more factories. If someone can make a way to dissolve the chemicals that would be the best way to stop the exposure but the most likely way to stop it is thinking of a garbage system to dispose of all the harmful chemicals.

Useful life

Rubber is used for so many things. Rubber Erasers are used for erasing writing marks. Rubber is arguably most commonly used for rubber tires. Rubber is also used as a material by itself.

End Of Life

The pink eraser is mainly biodegradable and recyclable. Rubber in general biodegrades but very slowly and that is why you are supposed to recycle it. Erasers are not reusable because if you use them fully then there should be none of them left. Rubber can be reusable if you are crafty but it is not often that happens. It is really just recyclable.


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