September Tech News



It's a new year and we have some exciting, new changes for this 2016-2017 school year! From new sites to new tools! I am here to help you get through it all as effortlessly as possible while successfully meeting our digital goals.

Remember, we are aiming to improve the Technology segment of our Score Card for:

1) Teachers taking Level 2 and Level 3 tech integration courses and

2) Teachers effectively and actively maintaining a Digital Learning Environment (DLE).

Look for new courses being offered now in Eduphoria

TCCA 2016

TCCA is Aldine ISD’s annual technology and curriculum integration conference that is open to all. Each year, vendors and speakers are brought in from all over the country to showcase the latest and greatest technology and instructional resources.

TCCA emphasizes the integration of curriculum and technology for better teaching and learning. They offer several strands for technology integration by motivating and educating teachers, administrators and technology specialists nationwide.

Take advantage of this FREE opportunity to earn technology integration hours and possibly win great door prizes!



SWAY is a new application from the Office 365 products. It allows you to easily create interactive presentations, through drag and drop, within minutes.

Some benefits of using SWAY:

  • multiple ways to share your SWAY
  • interactive and dynamic
  • add your own text and pictures or use the search feature which will provide copyright-free results in various multimedia formats
  • use the template suggested by SWAY or "remix" it to find another of your liking
  • no need to download anything
  • presentation can be adapted to the device it is being viewed on

Check out these SWAY presentations created by teachers during our WOW Tech sessions. You will need to log into SWAY with your Alief email address ( and your network password.

Ms. Carpenter:

Colonization (SS) -

Proportions (Math) -

Ms. Pierre

Colonization (SS) -


Sway: Create and share interactive reports, presentations, personal stories, and more. (n.d.). Retrieved September 20, 2016, from

WOW Tech Wednesdays will continue this year! I look forward to collaborating and delivering technology-rich lessons with you and your students. Invite me to your content planning session or let's have a one-on-one to brainstorm ideas.

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Great work by these teachers for introducing their students to Schoology. They have successfully LAUNCHed their Digital Learning Environment!

Mr. Ali

Ms. Carpenter

Ms. Elliot

Ms. Hudson

Ms. Khoo

Ms. Pallares

Ms. Prentis

Contact myself or the teachers above to find out how you can successfully LAUNCH too!

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