Causes of the American Revolution


Causes of the American Revolution

The American Revolution was a big part of our history. The American Revolution was mainly set in Boston Massachusetts. The effects that caused this to happen was the British soldiers shot and killed 5 Bostonian's. This caused the people of Boston to get mad and they made a group called the Sons of Liberty. The leader of this group was Samuel Adams.

Navigation Acts

The purpose of the Navigation Acts was that England wanted all of the money to themselves. They also had some rules such as you have to left the soldiers stay in your house when ever they wanted to and you had to feed them give them a bed and also give them beer. The other rule was that they had tea still taxed so that made a lot of people mad. There was also the sugar acts where England put taxes on sugar and made them really expensive.

The Proclamation of 1763

The Proclamation of 1763 was created after the French and Indian war. This was created because King George III didn't want another war because it costs to much money. The colonists where really mad because a lot of people died fighting for that land and now they cant live on it and build homes to live in.
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The Stamp Act

The stamp act was an act that taxed things because the British wanted money.. The stamp act was created because the British wanted more money so they taxed a lot of popular things to buy. The people reacted to to this by Boycotting which means they didn't buy anything they taxed. A man named Samuel Adams created a group called Sons of Liberty which was basically a terrorist group that killed people and stole valuables.

Quartering Act

Once Britain found out that the colonies were boycotting they sent more soldiers over to stop them from doing that. This act was put in place because King George III didn't want to spend money on military posts so he made a law that soldiers could come into your home whenever they wanted any could live there. There where two problems with this one that you had to feed all of the soldiers. Two They took over your home and you had to give up your bed to them and give them beer.

Townshend Act

In this act the British taxed a lot of popular items like paper,paint,oil,and most important tea. A group called Daughters of Liberty started to boycott and not buy anything because it was to expensive. The Townshend acts was taken away they only left one thing taxed which was tea. A Lot of people where mad at this so they had a plan to stop this.

Boston Massacre

On March 5, 1770 British soldiers shot and killed 5 people in Boston because they where yelling at the British. A man named John Adams defended the men in trial and they were let free. Samuel Adams made a group called the Sons of Liberty which was a group that where mad of what happen.

Tea Act and Boston Tea party

The Tea acts was when the British mad the tea cost less buy it wasn't the tea they wanted.

The people where mad at this so something had to be done. The Group Sons of Liberty dumped all of the tea of the boat into the harbor. Because this happened the British closed down the harbor for a bit.

Coercive Act

The colonist called this act Intolerable Acts. There where a few laws made when this act was put in place such as no trade from the harbor anymore, the colonist had to pay more for there tea and the other colonies where not aloud to bring in goods. The only way that Boston could get goods was that the other colonies would give them goods.