Citing Sources isn't just for the ELA Classroom

Don't Plagiarize Me!

In the information age, it is easy to access other peoples' work. It is even easier to pass it off as your own without giving credit. However, with EasyBib, it is now just as easy to cite your sources and show off your mad research, information literacy, and digital citizenship skills!

Go check it out:

The Plus Side:

  • You can use the citation resource without logging in or creating an account (Under the "Bibliography" Tab)
  • There are currently 59 different types of citation options to choose from (Yes! Music/Video and Websites are options!)
  • You can Print as Word Doc
  • MLA documentation is Free!
  • There's an app for that! (See below)
  • New: Research Beta section. A new social twist on research.
  • Free Resources for teachers, students and parents (Citation Guide)

With a Google Account:

  • You can save your citations for use later
  • You can Open your reference page as a Google Doc
  • You can download a Chrome Toolbar Extension (It's under the Educator Blog)

Bring Your Own Devices

Whether you're an Apple or a Droid, you can have your citation resources at your fingertips with the free EasyBib app. By simply scanning a book bar code or typing the name of a book in, you'll have MLA, APA, and Chicago style citations in any on-the-go research endeavor.

Room For Improvement:

With a premium account, you have many more features available to you like the Research Notebook and additional citation capabilities. There are educator accounts available.