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September 30th, 2015

“We succeed only when students succeed. That is our goal. That is our passion. That is our work.” Nate Davis

What's new?

This newsletter will arrive in your inbox each Wednesday and will contain the features and information below. This will serve as your "one-stop shop" for all things leadership to keep you informed and updated. Below is some information you need to know:
  • Recording: Here is the link to last week's recording in case you missed it.
  • Please note: Remember our next Leadership Academy meeting is Friday, October 9th. We are not meeting this Friday.
  • Action Item: WE WANT YOU for the National Head of School Summit planning team! Sign up today. - We are looking for HOS volunteers to help plan this year's National Head of School Summit to be held January 11th - 15th 2016. We want to make this year's summit the best ever and want you to help us design the best experience for you and your colleagues. Please sign up by October 9th if you are interested in being part of this planning team. We will have Friday meetings on days that we do not have Leadership Academy in November and December to plan.
  • Action Item: As a follow up to the NHOS meeting on Friday, complete a quick 5 question survey on teacher surveys. Please complete the survey at your earliest availability by COB Wednesday, 9/30. Thanking you in advance~ Leslye Erickson
  • Please note: We are going to use your Leadership Mantra Poster for a cool project we are working on for the Leadership Summit in January. If you have not yet uploaded your mantra, please upload it here. If you would like directions for creating a poster, please watch this short video.
  • Action Item: Think about the Leadership Standard you chose as your strength area. What are you currently doing in your school that helps you be a ________________________ leader (Strategic, Instructional, etc)? How can that be replicated? How would you chunk it into small, measurable actions another HOS could do to have the same experience in their school? Please find your name on the Titan Pad whiteboard and share your idea prior to sharing with your small group on Friday, October 9th. A button linking to your Titan Pad can be found halfway down this newsletter.

Head of School in the Spotlight

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Joel E. Medley

School: North Carolina Virtual Academy

Began: June, 2015

Superpower: Creating things from discarded wood pallets is a joy.

Fun fact: I am a real-life Hawkeye

Advice To Leaders: Live the S.M.I.L.E rule

See the opportunity not the obstacle

Make the most of every day

Invest in people

Laugh a lot

Enjoy the ride


Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy

Here is a video and some thought provoking questions about managing and accomplishing daily priorities. You might want to share with your leadership team!

Our goal is to provide you tools and resources to make you a more effective leader in your schools. Every other week (weeks that we do not have a Leadership Academy) we will publish a leadership video that you can share with your school level leadership team. This is an additional resource with thought provoking questions you might choose to use as an opener to staff meetings—similar to what we do during Leadership Academy. Share your reflections with your teams and peers since we won't have a call this week.

Enjoy this week's video!

Questions to Ponder:

1. As you reflect on your own practice, do you "eat enough frogs" during the week or let them sit?

2. How might you utilize this video and the idea of "frog eating" to improve productivity with your leadership team and staff?

HOS PD - What's on the Horizon?

Leadership Academy #2 Next Week!

Remember, there is no Leadership Academy this week.

Every other week you will have time to reflect on upcoming calls with a thought provoking question or pre-work to prepare for the upcoming content. This week let's focus on a thought provoking question:

Think about the Leadership Standard you chose as your strength area. What are you currently doing in your school that helps you be a ________________________ leader (Strategic, Instructional, etc)? How can that be replicated? How would you chunk it into small, measurable actions another HOS could do to have the same experience in their school? Please find your name on your team's Titan Pad whiteboard and share your idea prior to sharing with your small group on Friday, October 9th. The links to the Titan Pads are below.

Introducing your Leadership Subject Matter Experts

Kris Stewart- Strategic Leadership

What excites me about strategic leadership is the monitoring of the plan. To set a goal, meet to reflect, and tweak the plan as necessary and then watch the end result is so rewarding. It’s great to guide others into the excitement of creating and executing a great plan.

Perry Daniel- Strategic Leadership

Strategic leadership excites me because of the thought of executing a plan. As a child, I loved watching the A-Team. As an adult, I am motivated by the execution of a well-developed and communicated plan. Strategic leadership requires planning, a knowledge of the skills of team members, communication, and the willingness to assess along the way. In the words of Col. John ‘Hannibal’ Smith, “I love it when a plan comes together”.

Faith Shanholzer

What excites me about instructional leadership is the focus on student achievement. The ability a leader has to impact just one student through the coaching of teachers, planning, goal setting, and emphasizing good instruction is very powerful.

Pam Jonidis- Communication and Community

What excites me about communication and community leadership is the practice of achieving goals through meaningful communication and purposeful relationship-building. Meaningful communication and building relationships around a common purpose keeps leaders focused on the objectives and off distractions that interfere with reaching their goals.

Laurie Erdman-Human Resources

What excites me about human resources goes beyond hiring and firing to learning how to tap into the unique brilliance of each of our team members so we all live our mission. Human resources is where we can influence the magic of our days, the nature of our culture, and whether or not we have the right team driving toward and achieving the right goals.

Sheila Shiebler- Organizational Management

What excites me about organizational leadership is creating alignment within the operational structure to ensure the entire team is working towards common, successful outcomes. Starting with the end in mind, identifying the gaps between the current status and the desired outcomes helps teams to develop a tactical map to achieve their goals. Planning the work, working the plan and measuring success along the way is a fulfilling part of leadership

Leadership Academy Titan Pads

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Strategic Leadership Titan Pad

Team members: Amanda Conley, Cassie Barton, JD McMahan, Josh Williams, Katrina Abston, Lynn Barr, Mark Christiano, Matt Arkin

Instructional Leadership Titan Pad

Team members: Faith Shanholtzer, Kelly Van Sande, Kendall Schroeder, Josh Williams, Marcus Moore, Nicholaus Sutherland, Nicole Tiley, Lynn Barr, Sara Baker

Communication/Community Leadership Titan Pad

Team members: Pam Jonidis, Beth Lorigan, Caroline McIntosh, David Crook, Ryan Clepper, Stacey Hutchings, Steven Hoff

Human Resources Titan Pad

Team Members: Laurie Erdman, Brandy Osborn, Byron Ernest, Elizabeth Roth, JD McMahan Joel Medley, Theresa Gallagher Scott Sides, Sheryl Tatum,

Organizational Management Titan Pad

Team Members Sheila Sheibler,Cherry Daniel, Jeffrey Bush, Jessie Thoman, John Huber, Kelly Edginton, JD McMahan Monti Pittman, Theresa Gallagher Suzanne Sloane, Theresa Gallagher, Veronica Clemons,

School Services/Department Updates

Enrollment Tips and Tricks- Week 5 of 5

Preparing for the In-Year/Second Semester Enrollment Season

It is never too early to prepare for our next enrollment season! The Parent Portal typically opens for second semester and in-year enrollment around November, and Fall ’16 – ’17 school year season will kick off in March!

· Create a list of things you would like to include for our in-year and fall ‘16-‘17 school year

o Making the list now, while the enrollment season is still fresh on your mind, will help you remember what we should discuss together later.

· The Marketing Regional Directors and Enrollment Service Managers will start identifying school cohort dates and deadlines in October

o The ’16 –’17 fall school year planning sessions will begin in January (which will be here before you know it!)

· Familiarize yourself with the articles in the Knowledge Base, such as the Lead to Receive (Lead to ER) talking points, Admissions Call (ER to EA) talking points, and the Trigger call scripts

o What is it you might need to update in these talking points? How can we best portray what occurs at your school?

o We are able to quickly update the Knowledge Base, so pass any changes along to your ESM as soon as you receive them!

We look forward to these discussions, and wish you a successful ’15 – ’16 school year!

· Christa Patton, Sr. Director, Enrollment Support

· Jackie Haynes, Sr. Manager, Enrollment Services

· Sharon Deliee, Central Region Enrollment Services Manager

· Andrew Fridey, Western Region Enrollment Services Manager

· Christina Teller, Northern Region Enrollment Services Manager

Hunter Bower, Southern Region Enrollment Services Manager

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While 28 percent of U.S. students have experienced bullying, the majority of kids—70.6 percent—say they have witnessed bullying in their schools, according to stats from StopBullying.com. That means that the majority of kids can play a part in changing that 28 percent to zero. Unlike teasing or sarcastic joking, bullying can significantly affect a child and leave emotional scars, as well as physical injury. Kids who are bullied may suffer depression, low self-esteem, health issues, and poor grades. Bullying is such a serious issue that the month of October has been designated as National Bullying Prevention month, when organizations and schools typically rally to bring awareness around this important issue.

This year, K12 offers everyone the chance to get involved in National Bullying Prevention Month by joining its Zero Bullying Campaign.

Starting on Thursday, October 1st and running through the month of October, you and your friends and family can Unite for What’s Right and show you stand for zero bullying by sharing images, short videos and ideas on social media.

Here’s How You Can Participate In K12’s Bully Prevention Event In October

1. Take a picture, create video (10 – 12 seconds) or develop an idea that shows support for bully prevention.

2. Hashtag that content with #ZeroBullying

3. Post that picture, video or idea to your social media account

Starting on October 1st, contributions will be shown on Learning Liftoff at: http://www.learningliftoff.com/zero-bullying

Here’s Why You’ll Want to Participate

1. By showing your support for bullying prevention, you will bring awareness to the problem and be part of the solution. You will be adding your voice to others as we all unite to do what’s right!

2. If you’re one of the first 100 people to participate by sharing the hashtag #ZeroBullying with your photo, drawing or suggestion on a social media channel, you’ll get the stylish K12 Zero Bullying, Unite for What’s Right t-shirt which features the Zero Bullying logo.

3. Your post will appear on Learning Liftoff so all will see your creative stand against bullying! Visit www.learningliftoff.com/zero-bullying often to see what others have posted.

Unite for What’s Right with K12 in support of bullying prevention! Share #ZeroBullying today!

Board Relations Reminders

Please continue to update your regional board calendars. These are forwarded to the K12 National teams, if requested. The next session in our Board Professional Development Series will focus on Board Policy Review practices. Stay tuned...

Cheers to You!

  • I am cheering for our new Leadership Subject Matter Experts who are going to lead us through building out content for future Leadership Academies. Thank you for your leadership!

Let's Celebrate! We would like to highlight your Cheers in the next HOS Highlights newsletter. Feel free to cheer for regional teams as well as your fellow HOS's. Please submit your cheers on the form below.

Leadership Academies and HOS meetings Dates

Leadership Academy #2

· October 9th

~October 23rd *HOS Call and Leadership Academy

· November 6th

~November 20th *HOS Call Only

~December 18th *HOS Call Only

~January 22nd *HOS Call Only

~February 12th *HOS Call Only

Leadership Academy #3

· February 26th

~March 11th *HOS Call and Leadership Academy

· March 25th

Leadership Academy #4

· April 15th

~April 29th **HOS Call and Leadership Academy

· May 13th

~May 27th *HOS Call Only

Leadership Academy #5

· June 10th

~ June 24th *HOS Call and Leadership Academy

· July 8th

~July 29th- *HOS Call Only

Reoccurring Information Below

The Leadership Academy Basics

  • Weekly Leadership Academies begin at Noon EST every Friday afternoon and run for 90 minutes
  • Here is the participant link.
  • It is highly recommended that you participate in the weekly academies via BBC because the classes are going to be interactive. Your experience will not be as rich if you join via phone only
  • Pertinent school services information that was typically presented during Friday HOS calls will be shared via regional calls, the weekly HOS newsletter, or monthly national HOS calls
  • This newsletter will have all of the information you need for the upcoming training and will arrive in your inbox every Wednesday morning
iLEAD@K12’ seeks to provide annual professional development to build upon the essential skills of school leaders as identified by the individual leader, regional leadership recommendations, and national level data and trends. This calendar captures the national professional development opportunities for SY2015-2016.
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iLead@K12/School Leadership Development & Support Team

2015/16 Leadership Academy Content and Focus

2015-2016 Leadership Standards and Practices

Leadership Academy #1- "Explore U": YOU are the focus of Leadership Academy #1 entitled, Explore "U". Throughout the first seven weeks we will focus on your strengths as indicated in the Myers-Briggs assessment most of you took in January, 2015. Throughout the cycle you will build upon your strengths and learn to leverage those strengths to minimize weaknesses.

Leadership Academy #2- "Build It and They Will Come": Your knowledge and expertise will be leveraged to build out content for one of the leadership strands. Each School leader chooses one standard to work with over the course of the 7 week cycle. The goal will be to codify your expertise within the leadership strand to build a complete leadership Academy cycle in your area chosen area.

Leadership Academies #3-5-: Once the content is built, you will choose one strand to focus on for the remaining cycles. Choice is built into the process and we would like you to choose two standards. We suggest you work with your RVP/DRVP to choose one leadership strand that you would like additional support in. The strands include: Strategic Leadership, Instructional Leadership, Community, Human Resources, and Organizational Management.

iLead@K12 Team

The iLEAD team leads the design, development, execution, and evaluation of national programs that build exceptional school leadership across K12’s network of managed schools. The team coordinates school, regional and national efforts to improve leadership practice and school outcomes.

Darren Reed

Vice President, School Leadership Development