Welcome to The Future

Fastest way to travel

This will change your life forever.

Just join all the rest of the rich people in America by buying the automobile or be in the past and travel by horse.
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What does it do?

Helps you go to another place quicker than any kind of transportation.

Where Can You Take It?

On streets and roads because it is faster than buggy and horse. Anywhere flat and on land.

When Was It Made?

The automobile was made in 1885 by Karl Benz.

Why would they make it?

They made it to travel to the other part of the country quicker than any other kind of transportation.
I learned that automobiles was revolutionary in the 1800's. It was better than any other form of transportation. I also learned that cars started out ugly and small, basically a four wheeled bike. It was expensive back then but really cheap because it cost $850.

It made people's life way easier as it was way quicker to get around in a car then on a carriage. This effects our lives today because there is hardly any house you see that doesn't have a car in it's driveway, and is used for trading as well.

I used Bandwagon because people would want to be rich and would want to get around quicker. That would attract more people to buy it.