It's What Matters on January 27th, 2016

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Phil/Kate Schedule for the Week

Please be aware that Kate is at the AWSA Associate Principal's conference in Appleton the remainder of the week. Phil will be in the District, but in meetings much of the day Thursday and helping with interviews at the DO on Friday. In the case of emergency, Phil can be reached by the office staff, but if it can wait, it would be most appreciated.

Chris Miller can also be utilized as an administrative resource in the case that you need immediate help.

Grades Due Thursday

I will be sending a School-Messenger e-mail to families on Friday morning. Please have your grades ready for viewing on PowerSchool by 7 PM on Thursday. Thank you!

Early Release Day

On Friday, February 5th we will have an early release. We will run our early release schedule and students will be dismissed at 1:08 PM. The remainder of the day will be devoted to professional development in literacy. Tracy Coopmans will be sending more information as to the details of the training and who will need to attend.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Can you believe it's that time already?! Kate and Cathy have been working diligently to set up TEESO and a School Messenger is set to go out on Friday informing our families that they can sign up starting on Monday. Lunches will be provided on both conference nights (courtesy this time of our PTO). Please let Phil or Cathy N. know if you have a suggestion for catering. As of now, we are leaning toward a repeat of October with Marco's Pizza and Subs on one night and Josephine's on the other. Conference nights are February 11th and 16th.

February Staff Meeting

There is never enough that I can do to express my absolute gratitude and appreciation to each and every one of you for all of the great things you do to make Lineville the best possible school a fifth or sixth grader could attend. This staff goes above and beyond for kids in hundreds of small ways every single day - most of which go largely unnoticed by all except the kid; for whom it meant so much. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your commitment to students and for all of the ways you give everything you have.

I also want to recognize that this commitment takes an extraordinary amount of time and effort. Therefore, in recognition of your work and in recognition that you will spend time on February 5th in professional development, and because you will also spend extra time on February 11th and 16th connecting with families, and because sometimes the gift of time is the greatest gift...

The staff meeting scheduled for February 10th is canceled.