December in the Three-Fours

Multiple Intelligences, Realistic Fiction, Data, and Divison

Multiple Intelligences Showcase Coming Soon!

We are thrilled with the effort students are putting into the Multiple Intelligences centers. Each day students create and share work related to one of Dr. Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences.

Students will create a showcase on December 22, 2015 from 9:30-10:30 in the Lilja Learning Commons. This is a must-see event!

From 10:30-11:00* on the 22nd we'll break bread together in the foyer and students will show their Folk Literature portfolios to family members.

If you are able, we welcome you to sign up here to bring a food item and/or help setup.

*Because fourth graders have chorus on Tuesday, we will be 'breaking bread' only for 30 minutes.


12/22/15 9:30-11:00 Showcase and Winter Celebration

12/23/15 Final Day of School before December break

12/24/15 - December break begins

1/4/16 - School resumes

December Academics

Readers Workshop

Students in readers workshop are digging into thick and thin questions (inferential understanding), predictions, as well as writing about reading in the context of answering their own and others' questions. Students are reading realistic fiction stories in pairs or small groups during guided reading.

Writers Workshop

Students completed their fractured fairy tales and are launching into realistic fiction. Students ask themselves, "What are the stories I wish were in the world?" and work to create stories that are about important, realistic events that bring the reader into the heart of the story.


Third graders just completed a data unit while fourth graders are beginning theirs. Third graders will explore travel stories (perfect for those long drives coming up!) as a context for 3- and 4- digit addition and subtraction while fourth graders enter into a division unit.