By: Joshua Fernandez

Types of Risk

  1. Speculative Risk- the chance of either a profit or a loss
  2. Pure Risk- the threat of a loss to gain your business without any possibility.

Types of Pure Risks

The fourth risk would be robbery.

You should want to prevent robbery because you want your customers and employees to feel safe and give them what they want because you have a liability to protect them.

A couple of ways to prevent robbery are simple. Buy a safe and have a tough password. Have plenty of surveillance of cameras.

Computer crimes is the fifth risk.

Computer crimes need to be prevented because you don't want someone stealing your customers credit card information and possibly have that customer sue you.

To protect your business from computer crimes you can use security encoding programs. Have passwords and virus detectors.

The final risk would be natural disaster.

You want to try and prevent natural disasters as much as you can by having systems that can stop them without costing more money.

Even though it seems impossible to protect against natural disasters its not. You're in a good site selection so make sure you install smoke alarms and sprinkler systems.