The Scientific Revolution

Dre Henderson

What was the change?

A rise in the 16th century which had discoverys by copernicous, kelper, galileo, & newton which explained in their own scientific theories how the universe funtions and changes instead of listening to what the church said they started to research and began thinking of their own ways of thinking about the universe

Who were the people involved with the change?

Isaac Newton

Issac Newton was born in the early 1600s unlike nicolaus, johannes, and galileo he was around longer than all of them. Out of them all Newton was the main one that i knew about becuase of his brilliant ideas. Newtons first law was that a quantity will always move on in the straight line unless some eternal cause divert it. This law is the law of motion this law applies to in our everyday life to day.

How can we still see changes from the Scientific Revolution in today's society?

These laws are very important to we use these in our everyday life like gravity, motion, and inertia are the reason our scientist know what we know it helped us understand so much so that we could have the technology today.