Cell Phone


First Cell Phone ever created!!!

March 10, 1876

Phone devolopment

There are a lot of changes between the Phones, some of them are they are smaller more portable, faster,better,ETC

Economy Effects

The positive effects where you could instant message and search for info up right there on the spot. you can Manage your money easily and fast with out any hassle.Also when you get bored you can just play on it and waste unusable time

Environment Effects

Some people think that phones are bad for the environment.some things are(green house effects,unsustainable material shipping and stuff,clean up environmental usage of haphazardness substances


Some cultures are effected by not having the phones because they are slower and less efficient without the product, than cultures with this product. because of this they do not get info and stuff around faster so they do not run as fast


It helps the parties of the society and the government get important information around quick and easier.Also 88 % of voters use cell phones and 27% use it for political uses such as voting etc...


you can get information around faster. also you can talk to your fellow friends and family on social media, it brings people closer.
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