Phoebus AFDA Goals: 4th Nine Weeks

Topics, Skills, and Goals for Our Class

A Note from Ms. Lilly

Hi Everyone!

Phew, it's the 4th Nine Weeks already and we've covered a lot of information this year! During this last nine weeks, we will use the skills that we've learned to build our own problems and experiments and to relate our knowledge of math to our real lives. We'll also have a special Project Presentation Night for Families and Friends! Look for an upcoming email with more information.

Our Unit Tests and Project Dates email will be coming out shortly as well as being posted on Edline. Please stay up to date on these - the completion of review packets so far has been great and the students' understanding has reflected a true growth of learning!

This last nine weeks has a lot of important and fun material to cover, and I'm excited to continue working with my students. I'm so proud of their effort so far, and I can't wait to see their work this nine weeks!

Let's work hard this last nine weeks and finish strong. We Can Do It!

Ms. Lilly

Main Goals:

1. Student will design and conduct an experiment and survey.

2. Students will present a presentation, work in small groups, and develop organization and reading techniques for word problems.

3. Student will create, solve, and teach word problems relating to everyday life.

How Will We Meet These Goals?

Experiments and Surveys

During our time designing and conducting experiments and surveys, the students will:
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Word Problems

During our time creating, solving, and teaching word problems, the students will correctly use the following tools to illustrate and organize problems focused on the following topics:

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Covered SOL Objectives: AFDA.1, AFDA.2, AFDA.3, AFDA.4, AFDA.8

Our Hands-On Activities!


1. Connecting to the Real World: Experiments and Surveys

2. Experiment/Survey Report

3. Comic Strip Creation

4. Work Problem Informational Pamphlets

5. Small Group Word Problem Presentations

Why It Matters:

How Does Differentiation of Lessons and Activities Help Students?

To strengthen your students' Algebra and Geometry skills this year, we have been doing a lot more hands-on activities, small group work, and relation of topics to real life experiences.

This will continue in the 4th Nine Weeks as we build upon knowledge and gain more skills - we'll even work with the English department to increase reading comprehension through graphic organizers for word problems.

See the Check It Out section to find out more!

Check It Out!

It's Really Working!

Find out what research says about students using Graphic Organizers to improve mathematical problem-solving:

See what research says about hands-on learning with manipulatives and how it improves test scores of Geometry students, creates a more positive attitude towards math, and increases interest in working in small groups:

You Can Make a Difference!

Find out what research says about family processes affecting students' motivation and math achievement:

Feel Free to Contact Me!

Feel free to call or email me! I return all emails nightly by 9pm, and I return calls daily after school hours. Keeping open communication is extremely important, and I appreciate your interest in our class and your student's success.


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