Adult learning and development

Join our class to learn how to study for success

My students

My students are non-traditional college students. In most cases, they are military students or students who need a change in career. Because they are non-traditional students, they have been out of school for a little while and are rusty on study skills. This class will really help to rebuild those skills and head towards success.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand learning theories and apply them to current situation in life
  • Utilize study skills to enhance learning and be a better college student
  • Analyze and set goals towards success in multiple areas of life
  • Integrate personal, professional, and academic aspects of life to balance out responsibilities and better manage time

Study Skills

Guaranteed to help manage work, life, and school

How do I fit it all in?

With help from me and classmates, students will learn techniques to help fit all aspects of their life into their schedule. With activities to find extra time where nothing is going on, to making our daily commute more helpful and study skill orientated, no one has to give up everything in order to accomplish a degree.

Evaluation is tied to teaching

Since most of the activities require interaction between students and teachers, evaluation is tied directly to those interactions. If something is not going quite right, then there is enough interaction that it can be modified to better fit the needs of the course.