Reflection 1

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Thoughts Going Into Exhibition Reflection 1-IB

My thoughts going into the exhibition are that I am very nervous but excited. Even though I haven’t done it before, I have heard it is very fun. With the help of my group members, I know I will be able to complete the long but fun work on our subject of radiation. I am very excited to create parts of the exhibition and I’m interested in getting feedback from my teachers on my exhibition work. I am also very interested in completing my research on radiation. I like how these projects include many different subjects and incorporate art.

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Reflection 2-Radiation

My first Learner profile I have shown has been communicator. I am a communicator because you need to communicate within the group about what we're going to do and when we're going to do it. For example, on our first meeting we were communicating about what we're going to do to find out more things about radiation. When we were communicating we arranged to send a letter to the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station by sending it to each other so we could write down our questions.My second learner profile is being principled because you have to share and include all of your group members or they might think that they're being excluded and get upset. I also have been very good so far at time management my work.
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Reflection 3\4

I have shown the Learner Profile of being an inquirer because you have to be curious and want to dig deeper to be able to find facts. Also you have to have enthusiasm to be able to have fun with your topic. I have also shown being knowledgeable as one of the Learner Profiles used because you have to understand that not all the facts that you uncover are true and that you will have to double check them.

Reflection 5

For our art component we made a radionuclide. We made it out of an firestone ball and wire going around it to give it sort of an atom kind of look. I think the two attitudes I have displayed have been

Reflection 6

The radiation group's media component was a website and a video game/quiz. I found this media project very fun and we all took part in it. My favorite part of this project was the video game/quiz because you got to make a game which would challenge you. My least favorite part of the media project was that we couldn't attach the game onto the website because you had to download it first. The thing I found easiest about this project was making the website but what I found the hardest was the programing of the game.

Mentor Reflection

During our mentor meetings with Ms. Bonner and Mrs. Duke we talked about what sections of the exhibition project we would do next and ask them for their opinions. When we last saw our mentors we were discussing if our website/media and oral presentation can also count for our action component. The roll of mentors is to help and give ideas to their group. I have learnt that a mentor meeting is only as good as the ideas and questions that you bring to your mentors.

Primary Research

During our investigation of man-made radiation I found out that there was a large number of radiation sources in our day to day lives. I was surprised that potentially deadly radiation exposure could happen to the general public without their knowledge. (e.g. telecommunications) I was also very surprised how often radiation exposure happens with the publics knowledge but they may not realize how dangerous it is. (e.g., X-rays, nuclear power etc.) Unfortunately, our research leads me to believe that reducing radiation, in general, in our society will be very difficult to achieve. We have specifically completed our research of cause, effect and solutions to nuclear power generation at Pickering Nuclear Generating Station. Based on that research, we have sent a letter to the CEO Tom Mitchell asking him questions about the impact of his station. We have yet to have a reply. With this being said, the potential for reduced radiation exposure from technological advancements in science could turn out to be our best option.