AORP:American Oil Reduction Plan

By: Jermaine and Shweta

Amount of Oil Imported to the US

From this info-graphic, you can see that the US oil reserves are going to last as most for 12.4 years, which is during our lifetime right now. If we don't find a way to stop this, it could be a very big problem in future times as our population continues to increase.

Gauge showing amount of money used for different mileage of cars

From this graph, you can tell that having a higher mileage car can decrease the amount of oil used dramatically and a lot more money can be saved every time you need to fill up your car.

2012 vs. 2025 oil consumption statistics

With all these programs in play, we hope that er can make a big difference in decreasing the amount of oil used, as well as the cost bu 2025.

Other infograms

Where your gas money goes and how to stop spending lots of money on gas

US Usage on gas vs. Portugual

From the looks of this graph, it seems that the US is using a great lot more oil than Portugal even though they have more cars than us. This shows that there is a problem in the way that we use our oil and we need to find a way to fix this.
Transportation plays a big part in using up the US oil so this is one of the major problems causing our dependency on foreign oil. If the country would invest more in the other types of energy, it could be a great help in reducing the amount of oil used.


This video shows what oil is used for and scenarios will need to happen to reduce the usage of oil
Peak Oil: Visually Explained.