Connemara Call

February 2020: Issue 1: Volume 4

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The Clubhouse is a great place for your party!

The clubhouse is a great place to host any type of event! Are you planning a baby shower, wedding shower, graduation party or any other type of get together? Why not have it at the clubhouse? It will comfortably accommodate more people than will fit in your house, and you won’t have to clean up or decorate your home.

Simply go to the website to start your reservation. Weekday rates are $75 per time slot and weekend rates are $150 per time slot. Time slots are 8 am to 4 pm and 4 pm to midnight. Connemara loves to party and the clubhouse makes partying easy!

Follow these simple instructions to complete your clubhouse rental:

  • Login into the Connemara HOA website
  • Click on the General tab to check the clubhouse calendar for available date.
  • On the calendar you will see an option “click here for reservations”; this will generate an email request for reservations.
  • You will then need to click Documents under the General tab and print out a rental contract, and put the completed contract, rental fee, and refundable security deposit in HOA mailbox and email me to let me know it’s there. Your reservation will be finalized once the contract and fees are received.
  • A few days before your date, you will receive an email with instructions for the keyless entry, security code, and clean up instructions.

Thanks, Neighbors!

Bev Burns

HOA Secretary

Community Updates

With the Holidays behind us and spring soon approaching, now is a good time to reflect on the true value of our community. In the past year, we have said goodbye to good friends, welcomed new neighbors, watched many of our children move on, and watched our families grow. The number of families that have chosen Connemara as their home continues to grow, providing the stability and community that has made this wonderful place so sought after.

One of the most integral parts of any large community is the role of the community’s Homeowners Association. Connemara is fortunate to have the ability to self-govern with a volunteer Board, which saves thousands of dollars in management fees and allows us to react more efficiently to the needs of the community. At the end of Connemara’s fiscal year (May 31st), there will be several board members stepping away after serving for several years. Serving as a board member or volunteer is a great way to learn about the community and help add to the value of an already wonderful place to live. Board members also receive a discounted dues rate.

Our most immediate need are volunteers willing to help plan social events and activities for teens and kids. In the past, it has been left to one or two people to try to plan and run many events, which gets overwhelming. Our goal is to increase the number of volunteers that would be willing to plan and manage individual events in an effort to spread the workload around. If you have an idea for a fun teen or kids event and would be willing to join in, please come to a board meeting and share it with us. In addition, we are looking for someone to chair the Social volunteer group. This person would be a Board member and would simply report the activities of the volunteers planning the events. The Social chair is also welcome to plan events they would like to see as well!

There will also be a need for a board member to act as a liaison between the Board and Davis Landscape, our landscape management company. Our common areas offer much to the community, and having a set of eyes dedicated to landscape issues helps Davis do their job more effectively.

The board meets at 7pm on the dates listed below. Come join us!

  • February 11th, 7PM
  • March 10th, 7PM
  • April 14th, 7PM
  • May 12th, 7PM

Rob Riley (HOA President)

Treasurer's Report - January 2019 YTD vs January 2020 YTD

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From Courtside

Pickle ball has been hampered by cold weather, please watch Facebook as occasionally, on warmer days, Jim tries to organize play. I am pleased to have seen residents out there at other times taking advantage of the courts. If you have any questions or concerns my husband, Jim, is the Pickle Ball man and can be reached on Facebook.

Windscreens for the lower courts have been installed. You may have noticed they are smaller than before, this is to aid in court dry time after rain, and to alleviate shadows that result in slippery mold to form. Jim and I ended up installing them to save money.

I have met with the builder and he is drawing up the plans and estimate for the Middle Pavilion rebuild. These will be presented to the HOA Board at the February meeting for approval. Hopefully construction can begin in March.

I plan on fixing broken parts of the fence on the upper court, and work with Dave Skillen on landscaping the area between courts 2 & 3.

I have really enjoyed the role of Tennis Chair and am so pleased at the work that has been done the past two years. However, I will be stepping down from this position at the end of this term. The current board is looking for someone to step into the position. I assured them that the tennis community is alive, strong and growing and someone will step up to the plate. Please contact me or Rob Riley if you are interested in doing so or want to find out what it would entail.

Upon completion of play, empty the courtside bins, and shut off the lights and fans when leaving. Captains, please make sure the court bins are emptied as well as the upper pavilion trash can before leaving the courts.

My goal is to make the tennis area not just a great place to play and gather but a visual asset to the neighborhood, enhancing all our property values. It is in everyone’s best interest to see the pool, playground, clubhouse, tennis courts and pavilions looking their best. Feel free to contact me with any concerns or suggestions. Hope to see you on the courts!

Christine Weisel


Social Updates

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It’s been a great 3 years serving as your social chair. But it’s time for me to move on and pursue other opportunities. I would like to find my replacement before I have to step down in June. If there is anyone who has an interest and would like to talk to me about what the position is please call me at 678-665-1657. Social activities in Connemara have always been well attended and it’s a way to keep all of us connected. It’s also what makes Connemara special! I have a group of people who like to help so you don’t have to do anything alone!

Social activities coming up are on Feb 9 is kids Valentine bingo at the clubhouse.

On March 14 is the pub crawl for adults! We will begin at the clubhouse as usual. Then mark your calendar for April 11 the petting zoo is back! That is when we will also have the Easter Egg hunt. Please plan on attending!

Reflecting on recent events we had a wonderful time at the first Holiday cocktail party. It was well attended and received rave reviews. Thanks to my two hostess’s Michelle and Pat Carey and Julie and Pearly Lachance. You both out did yourselves and it did not go unnoticed!

Happy New Year!

Christy Schutter

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