Connemara Call

May 2020: Issue 1: Volume 5

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Community Updates

The last several months have been difficult for not only the nation, but for our Connemara community as well. As we continue to manage our lives under the new “normal”, it is my belief we will prevail on both fronts. As a nation and as a community, perseverance will get us through. These unique times do present the opportunity to engage with neighbors, catch up on home projects, and take advantage of our abundant common spaces. Take advantage of the extra time with your kids and family, even if you do have to relearn 5th grade math or read The Giver again.

As the Governor lifts parts of the shelter at home guidelines, the Board will continue certain practices to help keep the common areas as safe as possible. The basketball goal will remain disassembled due to higher numbers of non-homeowners entering the property to play. When using the other amenities, please be aware of social distance and be sure to wash your hands well when returning home. It is great to see families getting out, and the vast majority of people using the common areas are homeowners. One of the main benefits of dues payment in Connemara is the right to use the common areas, and we strive to keep that right exclusive. There are signs posted to that effect, and if you are certain non-homeowners have come on property to use the space, politely inquire and remind the party that there is a no trespassing policy.

Lastly, as you have noticed on your ballot, I am not seeking re-election as President of the Board. It has been my pleasure to work for you and your neighbors. I would like to thank everyone who helped me along the way, and my hope is Connemara has become a better place during my term.

Rob Riley (HOA President)

From Courtside

Greetings from Courtside,

Well not really, as the current COVID crisis has put a halt to most everything! I have noted some people coming down to hit and play pickleball. I urge everyone to use appropriate measures to stay safe. The good news is ALTA has announced the new season is a go for now!

The plans for the middle pavilion were not approved by the board for budget reasons. I have met with the builder to rework the structure to fit within their guidelines. I will re-present at the next board meeting. I am confident this will be passed, and we can soon see construction.

I still plan on fixing broken parts of the fence on the upper court, and work with Dave Skillen on landscaping the area between courts 2 & 3.

I had planned on stepping down from Tennis chair but have decided to stay for one more year so as to see the Middle Pavilion project through. After this year I will be stepping down.

Upon completion of play, empty the courtside bins, and shut off the lights and fans when leaving. Captains, please make sure the court bins are emptied as well as the upper pavilion trash can before leaving the courts.

My goal is to make the tennis area not just a great place to play and gather but a visual asset to the neighborhood, enhancing all our property values. It is in everyone’s best interest to see the pool, playground, clubhouse, tennis courts and pavilions looking their best. Feel free to contact me with any concerns or suggestions. Hope to see you on the courts!

Christine Weisel

Tennis Chair

Social Updates

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I will be stepping down as the social chair as of June 1. I want to thank everyone who has been so kind and helpful during my 3 year term. It has been a pleasure working with all of you! I have enjoyed planning all the fun events we have had here and getting to know each other. Please welcome Kristen Snell as the new chair! Please reach out to her and lend a helping hand! This is a large neighborhood and when everyone gets involved great things can happen!


Make plans to grab a wonderful cup of coffee or tea and pastry Thursday, May 7, 10-10:45 in the pool/tennis court parking lot. The Refuge team will be wearing masks and encouraging and expecting the 6 feet distance rule.

With Covid-19 it has been challenging to do much socially. I had plans for the kids petting zoo and balloon guy and another adult party that had to be postponed. We want everyone to stay safe!

This has been a wonderful neighborhood to serve and raise our kids in the past 23 years! Please if you have just moved in or maybe you have lived here for awhile. Try and get involved either sit on the board, attend meetings to see what’s going on or just ask what you can do. The people are what make this neighborhood so great!


Christy Schutter

Pool News

Our new fence and expanded deck area project was recently completed and looks great. While it looks nice, I think everyone is wondering if we will actually be able to use the pool this year. We are continuing to monitor the guidelines by state and county health officials about community pools. I am optimistic that we will be able to open at some point but some changes will need to be implemented. Our main goal is to keep everyone safe so I am looking into additional measures that can be put in place. A decision about this season and additional rules will be announced when we have more guidance from health officials.

Here is a link to the CDC website about COVID19 and pools: CDC Pool Safety page (

Dan Klar (Pool Director)


Sydney Klar (Head Lifeguard)


Treasurer's Report - April 2019 YTD vs April 2020 YTD

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