The Constitutional Convention

Haylee Connelly

The States and The Delegates

There were many states that showed to agree or disagree with the constitution. These states include Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Virginia. Rhode Island did not send any delegates and did not show up to the convention.

Here is a list of delegates that signed the Constitution and who didn't (marked with a *)


  • Oliver Ellsworth *

  • William Johnson

  • Roger Sherman


  • Richard Bassett

  • Gunning Bedford

  • Jacob Broom

  • John Dickinson

  • George Read


  • Abraham Baldwin

  • William Few

  • William Houstoun *

  • William Pierce *


  • Daniel Carroll

  • Daniel Jenifer

  • Luther Martin *

  • James McHenry

  • John Mercer *


  • Elbridge Gerry *

  • Nathaniel Gotham

  • Rufus King

  • Caleb Strong

New Hampshire

  • Nicholas Gilman

  • John Langdon


  • George Clymer

  • Thomas Fitzsimons

  • Benjamin Franklin

  • Jared Ingersoll

  • Thomas Mifflin

  • Gouverneur Morris

  • Robert Morris

  • James Wilson

South Carolina

  • Pierce Butler

  • Charles Pinckney

  • Charles Cotesworth Pinckney

  • John Rutledge


  • John Blair

  • James Madison

  • George Mason *

  • James McClurg *

  • Edmund Randolph *

  • George Washington

  • George Wythe

New Jersey

  • David Brearly

  • Jonathan Dayton

  • William Houston *

  • William Livingston

  • William Paterson

New York

  • Alexander Hamilton

  • John Lansing *

  • Robert Yates *

North Carolina

  • William Blount

  • William Davie *

  • Alexander Martin *

  • Richard Spaight

  • Hugh Williamson

Rhode Island

  • Rhode Island did not send any delegates

The Delegates

The delegates ranged from 20 to 80 years old. There were 70 chosen to come to the convention but a multitude of people had turned down the offer. 55 delegates attended and 39 only signed the constitution. Many of the people were of war status or highly known in the states and were sent to represent their state as a whole. Many chose to ratify the constitution because they believed it would create a stronger union rather than separate states. Reasons for declining the constitution is because it lacked a bill of rights which would provide protection to the people.

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