Really Professional Internet Person

Jenn McAllister

Written by: Taylor Gish

Really Professional Internet Person is a story of a young women's life. This women's name is Jenn. Jenn is a very famous YouTuber who makes weekly videos for her viewers. She has over 2 million subscribers and over 130 million views. Her viewers look up to her as an inspiration. She started out as a shy girl who grew up in Illinois and transformed into the wonderful women who now lives in LA and is living her dream of making people happy.

"I had to give up the idea that I would never fit in." -Jenn

About the Book

Theme: Giving us tips and ideas on just about everything

Setting: Illinois to LA

Symbol: Airplane- Represents Jenn's travels to and from LA

Purpose: Giving us advice on going from high school to the real world and how to get

started on YouTube.

What would I change?:

I would definitely change the fact that Jenn was bullied all through school pretty much every day back at home.

Similarities/Differences between her and I:

Same: We both want to follow our dreams, but not everyone supports us.

Different: Jenn moved across the country. I'm stuck in Oelwein, Iowa.

"My YouTube community in LA made me feel like I had a family even 3,00 miles away from home" -Jenn

Strengths/Weakness of the character:

Strength: Making videos and being a behind-the-screen entertainer.

Weakness: Anxiety and pretty much being shy around strangers.

How would the story be different if it had happened at a different time?:

If this had taken place about 10 years before Jenn's life would've been completely different. YouTube wasn't up then, so she could've still been a filmer or photographer, but she couldn't have been a YouTuber and I wouldn't be sitting here writing this report.

Compare to last read book:

I think the book I read last quarter (In Real Life by: Joey Graceffa) was better than the one I read this quarter. I honestly don't know why, but I feel like that one helped me a lot more. It might've been because that one was more an advice book than this one. They're both memoirs, but Joey really tried to help us out in his.

"YouTube gave us our place in the world." -Jenn

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