Bumpin News

By Thomas Denissen


The Broken Easter basket

On Easter Sunday April, 5th, the Easter bunny came to Thomas's house. He was sleeping when he came, but when he woke up he saw a bunch of plastic eggs with candy in them. He was so happy that he woke up his mom and dad. They came out of their room and told him to find the rest of the eggs before he looked for his basket. After a couple minutes of searching for the eggs Thomas was ready to look for the basket. But when he found it he was surprised!!

When Thomas found it, IT WAS BUSTED. He ran back upstairs and told his parents the news. After that they went to the basement to see what happened, eventually they came upstairs and told him that the Easter bunny must've dropped it or something. So Thomas went to go see what was inside, and again another surprise, nothing was inside, so he told his parents that, they went to go look and came back with a full unbroken Easter basket, turns out that that was his brothers basket and not Thomas's so he was happy. However his brother was not.

Wisconsin Vs Duke

On Monday April 6th the Wisconsin vs Duke college championship game of March Madness. The game ended with Duke winning through bad ref calls, consistently through the game the refs weren't making too many good calls. The most notable when late in the second half. The ball bounced out of bounds and the refs didn't have enough evidence to see who it was out on, but they gave the ball to Duke which could have meant the game.

Wisconsin lost by 5 in a 63 to 68 game. Since Wisconsin had beat Kentucky who was undefeated this year many people thought they would win. Star players in the game for Wisconsin were Sam Decker and Frank Kaminsky. For Duke their top players were Grayson Allen and Justice Winslow. The game was a upset for all Wisconsin residents.

The Mexican Cowboy

Josh Gentz an 8th grader at Bay View Middle School was quoted saying"pretty wonderful" when describing the Mexican Cowboy.

Who is the Mexican Cowboy? One of the best lasso dancing people in the world. A video was uploaded to YouTube on March 31 by Meghan Wood, a professional teacher at Bay View. The video had a man dressed in cowboy attire while dancing to Mexican themed music. But he was using a lasso, jumping in and out of it throughout the video. The Mexican Cowboy has been doing this more and more since the video was uploaded, he hopes for this to become even bigger than it is already.