Welcome to Coppell!

The Most Entertaining Place on Earth

Coppell is the Bomb.com


One of the most popular and entertaining places in Coppell is Whataburger. Many people tend to gather at Whataburger during the day and especially after any sporting events occurring with Coppell High School. The employees at Whataburger are very courteous and friendly. They truly care about their customers and want them to have the time of their lives while visiting with friends, meeting new people, and enjoying the world famous, Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit.

KKK House

Do you have the guts to experience something spooky in small town Coppell? Visit the KKK House with your friends by Wagon Wheel, or take a risk and go alone. Rumors say that inside one of the windows there is a KKK suit inside the room. Do you have the courage to go look? There is not a driveway to the house and nobody knows who lives there. Check out the mysterious and go get a peek in the window.

Coppell High School Parking Lot

In the mood to have a good time with your friends? Drive on down to the Coppell High School Parking Lot, known for tailgating, celebrations and dance parties. Get some jams together and plug it into your car's speakers and let the good times roll.

Main Street

Take a stroll down Main Street in Old Town Coppell where you'll find many small buildings used as restaurants or businesses. The walk down the street is very relaxing and interesting. While you're down there, visit The Local Diner and try some of their ginormous blueberry stacked pancakes! They are to die for!


Want to know the 411 and the action going on in Coppell? Head on down for dinner at Anamias on Sandy Lake and get all the juicy gossip from the Coppell Moms. You can learn about every student in the high school, their past drama, their current drama and maybe even some alumni students at Coppell High School.