Rich Hill Documentary

a detailed look at poverty.

Summary & Thesis

The eye-opening documentary, "Rich Hill", centers around the lives of three boys who have had rough pasts and struggle living in poverty. Cameras follow the boys as they help the cameramen document their everyday lives. "Rich Hill", did a great job at capturing a detailed view at the life of one living in poverty.

Defining the Purpose

The purpose of the documentary was to show people the less fortunate side of America. The documenters wanted to make sure that the pain and struggles of the three boys in the documentary was clearly felt and understood by the viewers. Different emotions were heavily exposed throughout the documentary. Seeing that there are people whose lives are less fortunate than others should humble more individuals.

The Stars of "Rich Hill"

Andrew (Left), Harley (Middle), and Appachey (Right).

Achieving the Purpose

To achieve the purpose of opening the eyes of the viewers, the makers of the documentary used different kinds of soft music to create a sort of sad feeling throughout the movie. Every so often, the makers made sure they got a view of a sunset, or of the houses the kids lived in so that we could get to know the town they live in better, while giving us a more sympathetic vibe. The cameramen also shot different views of the insides of the houses, which made it easy to compare their lifestyles to the lifestyles of our own. All of this was done in either complete silence, or with the accompaniment of soft music playing in the background which can possibly trigger the emotions of anyone watching.

In Conclusion...

Watching this film made it easy to become more thankful for what I have in my life right now. I already knew that not all of America were middle class people living in decent conditions. There are much worse parts of America than we may think. My eyes were opened, and I was moved by the fact that each of these kids are good people, they just had the wrong guidance in their childhoods. Everyone has a story, but not everyone's story can be understood by an outsider.