#Miched Chat - Games and Learning

Facilitated by Remi Holden @remiholden www.remiholden.com

Games and Education Scholar James Paul Gee on Video Games, Learning, and Literacy

Wednesday, April 22nd, 8-9pm

This is an online event.

This evening's questions:
Q1: What is a game, and why might game play matter in schooling? #gbl #michEd
Q2: #GBL can include but is also broader than & not the same as #gamification. What are
key differences between #GBL & #gamification? #michEd
Q3: What are the similarities between #gbl & #gamification? What strengths - of either
approach - do you find particularly compelling? #michEd
Q4: How can educators - working with peers, parents, & community partners - enable
students to co-create games for their learning? #michEd
Q5: How might you begin designing games for learning? What excites you? What
disciplinary practices & objectives are ripe for design? #michEd
Q6: What resources, people & perspectives do you find useful to either teaching with or
learning more about #GBL? Resource dump! #michEd

Chat Norms

  • First ten minutes, introduce yourself. Name, title, district, level, grade, assignment, interesting info.
  • Questions will be sent out from Remi Holden (@remiholden) using "Q and number".
  • Respond with "A and corresponding number"
  • Don't forget to include #miched in all of your tweets!