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18+ Computer Games played by young KS1 & KS2 children

As a CEOP Ambassador working in alliance with the Child Exploitation Online Protection Agency, to date Pulse Education has educated over 23,000 children in schools across the UK about staying safe whilst engaging social media and playing PC games

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Grand Theft Auto is being played by so many young Primary School children and believe me this is not just a car chasing game!

The reason I have decided to write this newsletter, is to make Teachers, Parents, Guardians and Carers fully aware of the unsuitable content of this computer game.

40 weeks a year, Pulse Education visit Primary Schools across the country delivering our

award winning CSI Forensic Science Workshops. As part of our workshop, we offer an optional "CEOP" session on e-Safety, educating our young children and young adults to stay safe online and to ensure they keep their personal information private.

Over the past 12 months it has increasingly been brought to our attention that a huge majority of young children are having this online game bought for them by their parents and I am certain that if the parents really knew what the content of this game was they would certainly not let their young children play it. The game is being played not just by young boys but girls aswell.

Primary School children should not have to be exposed to the foul language, racism and adult sexual content. During this Summer, I decided to research this game more, as more and more children seem to be playing it, therefore I decided to purchase this game for my 18 year old son and played the game with him for research purposes. So this is not hearsay! He couldn't actually believe that young children were playing this game!

During the first few minutes of playing time we are subjected to the following:

  • Strong profane adult language repetitive use of the "F" & "C" word
  • Scenes of a sexual nature
  • Racism repetitive use of "N" word and chauvinistic, bigoted attitudes and language referring to women as "bitches"
  • Gang violence and swearing
  • Heavy prostitution material
  • Drug and gang culture

I have been asked by many Headteachers and Teachers over the last 8 months to produce a newsletter to help highlight to other teachers the content of this game and for them to share good practice with their children's parents and other Teachers and Schools.

Additionally, as a last word, I have recently changed tack and asked the pupils who have put their hands up in class to playing this game, if they think it is an appropriate game for them to play ? The consensus from all of them was they thought the game was inappropriate for their age based on the above content!

We hope you have found this article useful? If so please share with your colleagues and should you have any comments we would be pleased to hear from directly!

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Jigsaw: for 8 -10 year olds
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