Strategies That Work ch. 1-2

By: Natassja Fatcheric

Reading is Thinking

This chapter really popped out to me... "Writers write best about things they know and care about" (pg. 11). This is completely true, when I am in class and I have to write about politics I have no idea what I am writing and my paper comes out very drawn out and repetitive, but when I write about gymnastics it is very detailed and exciting. As a future teacher I would incorporate lessons into this, I would have a topic, or grammar lesson and have the students work what they learned into a paper about something they love. Connecting to things you love while learning really helps get that new topic stuck into your brain.

Reading is Strategic

Readers get better at reading by reading

As teachers we must always find time for independent reading through out the day. The more hours students log reading the more fluent they get and the better they can comprehend. Everyone needs to know that when you read you space out, make students know adults do it too. The faster students know about their inner conversation the faster they will catch it. Instead of getting distracted in your head, you can use it as a tool to better understand a text or write a quick note of what you were thinking so you can move on and go back to it. Always "Leave Tracks."
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