NWAEA Literacy Network


The purpose of the NWAEA Literacy Network is to support teacher leaders in the area of literacy and empower them to lead literacy initiatives (such as ELI and MTSS) back at their school sites.

The Structure of Our Network

The Literacy Network will kick off in August with two days of PRESS training. Five full-day network meetings will follow throughout the year. Those meetings will include learning around teacher leadership (working with adult learners, effective communication, etc.), literacy content (quality core instruction, interventions, etc.), data analysis (FAST, etc.), and a time for networking with other literacy teacher leaders.

Each network meeting will begin at 9am and end by 3pm. The dates and sites are as follows:

August 30 AND 31 in Sioux City, Sioux Center, or Denison

September 27 in Sioux City OR September 29 in Sioux Center or Denison

November 29 in Sioux City OR December 1 in Sioux Center or Denison

January 31in Sioux City OR February 2 in Sioux Center or Denison

March 28 in Sioux City OR March 30 in Sioux Center or Denison

May 2 in Sioux City OR May 4 in Sioux Center or Denison

What is PRESS?

The Path to Reading Excellence in School Sites (PRESS) is a framework that structures literacy achievement in grades K-5 within a multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS) or Response to Intervention (RtI) context. The primary goal of PRESS is to work with teachers and administrators to establish school-based systems and practices for all K-5 students to become capable readers.