Mouse Heart

Mrs.Skinner block 4 By:lisa Feilder (allie farmer)

This is a wonderful book here's more about it !!!

This book is about a normal petstore mouse and is suddenly taken into a whole different world when he is swept into the subway. He is saved by a rat and then is taken into a magnificent city.The opposing town filled with mice is trying to fight with them but there town is to strong.Why are they fighting we don't know this is what you need to find out to read!!!

The Characters

There are three characters in this book Hopper,Zucker and Pinkie.Pinkie and Hopper start out in a normal petstore.Then they are moved to the subway .Down here you will learn more about them.

My three main and supporting characters

The Theme,Setting,and Conflict

All these things

The setting is a very good place it starts out in a petstore but is changed into the subway.This couldn't have been anywhere else or it would'nt have worked.The theme was to not give up even when all the odds were against you.Hopper shows this by almost giving up then he gets inspired again and pursuits his dreams.There was a very good conflict everyone who they found wandering alone in the subway was sent to camps.The cats who guarded the town are payed by eating these "campers". They must stop the cats and save all the poor mice in danger....This was a great book I reccomend five stars just give it a chance.