Drug Rehab


Sober Living America

People go to this center because they have a drug addiction they need fixed. They have a start up, rise up, step up program there that they use as a motto in the program to help and encourage them to stop drugs. they want to educate students and their friends about alcohol abuse

Contact info: (404) 634- 4974

Demi Lovato talks about her drug addiction

Demi Lovato talks Drug Addiction and Rehab

Legacy Freedom centers

They put a holistic approach to outpatient substance abuse and addiction treatment. They have many group and individual sections with the patients. Its not a hospital-like facility. After treatment you can live a calm, drug free life.

Contact info: (877) 254- 5536

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Charlotte Drug Treatment Centers

They help relax you and put you into a safe and comfortable environment. They help people recover and get over there drug addiction.

Contact info: (704) 665- 1880

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