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Recycling Rock Star

Click on the link below to watch a 'Take A Child To Work Day' video that will show your child how a person named Nancy came up with an idea to recycle old crayons to make new ones, called Effortless Crayons. Easy to hold, and fun to make, Nancy will inspire your children to think of their own invention ideas. Since we are all using social distancing and parents are looking for ways to entertain the kids... why not join the recycling effort and collect your old used and broken crayons to send to Nancy? Enjoy!
Recycling Rock Star - Small Sparks, Big Dreams - career curriculum for kids!

This Video Teaches Children About Business!

A note for parents -

You just saw a video about Nancy, a professor at Gannon University by day, and an entrepreneur by night. She saw that some kids have a hard time holding on to traditional, little, slippery crayons, so... she created a new kind of crayon that everyone can hold called the 'Effortless Art Crayons'! They are made from donated, old, broken crayons into something new and helpful for others.

The lightbulb came on -

Nancy talked about how the 'light bulb' in her mind came on and her idea of making these crayons. Inspiration for making the world a better place can be a first step in being an entrepreneur! Sometimes our frustrations can lead to inspiration!

Who knows where inspiration can begin -

Listen to your children and help them to think through life's frustrations... it may lead to an idea to help make this world a better place! necessity is the mother of invention. Be a spark champion and help your child think of ways to solve problems... you never know... your child might be an inventor with the next big idea! The 'light bulb' could lead to great experiences for your young entrepreneur! Support, encourage, and praise your child's 'light bulb' moments!

You can contact Nancy at

Let your kids THRASH to this 'good morning' song!

Thrash Good Morning - Small Sparks, Big Dreams

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