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Elizabeth Haddon School - Haddonfield, NJ

Reader's Workshop

By: Matthew and Avery

CALLING ALL READERS! Hi readers! Reading rocks! That’s why we’re here to tell you about it! This month we continued with book clubs. You are probobly wondering what we do in book club... Well, in book club we read a book and then we answer the questions and talk about the book with our friends.

MAIN SELECTION - Every week we read a new main selection, and every week we get a new choice board. This week's main selection was called Me and Uncle Romie. It was about a boy named James, and he has to go to New York over the summer and stay with his uncle and aunt and he has never met them. He also has to depend on them to make his birthday special, so when his aunt needs to go some where he thinks that his birthday is ruined, but then his Uncle Romie makes his birthday really fun!

NOVELS - Every one in our class is very excited for after winter break (and winter break of course) because after winter break we are starting to read novels in Book Clubs! Mrs. Kaubin said we'll have to read a lot more than we're used to for one assignment, but she said the books are going to be really good so we'll see if she's right.

Writer's Workshop

By: Mackenzie and Paige

In writing, we are working on essays. To get our minds flowing, we also have been working on free writing. Free writing is when you write whatever comes to your mind. We have been free writing for the past three days. Free writing is very fun to do. Finally, we can write whatever comes to our mind about any topic. Take the funniest topic you can even write about that. For example, apples! You can write about those. I wonder who invented free writing??? Who ever they are, they are a genius. We got a little chart to help us stay on one big topic, and it is called “Ways to Push Our Thinking”. It helps us push our thinking so we can get more ideas! We are soon going to be writing personal essays about a topic we enjoy! We hope that you enjoyed reading about writers workshop!

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By: Alec and Matt

DECIMALS! We learned a lot about decimals this past month and we're about to tell you what we’ve done. We learned that if you don’t line up the dots when adding or subtracting, your answer will be wrong. We also learned how to read fractions and decimals. It was a little hard at first but we got the hang of it. Then we learned how to write decimals as fractions. That was a little easier and very fun. For Example: 2.57 and 2 57/100. Another thing we learned is how to put decimals on a number line. One thing we know about decimals is that it's important because it helps us learn about stuff smaller than one whole.

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By: Jeffrey and Giulia

Science is everything around you. Even yourself! We worked on a lot of interesting things this month. This month in science we have been learning about watersheds and how they are important. Watersheds are a bodies of water underneath the ground. Fun Fact: There is only 1% of water that we can drink in the world. We created our own watersheds by crumpling up paper in a ball and coloring with marker on the top of the “mountains” (highest creases of the paper). The marker acted as the pollution. If there is pollution in the watersheds, we cannot drink the water. Time for the rain! Mrs. Kaubin took a spray bottle and sprayed the watersheds. The “pollution” spread and the watershed got polluted. We learned so much about watersheds, and it is so fun to experiment on it. We wrapped up our month with an “ I Used to Think, and Now I Think” worksheet which basically asks you what you knew vs what you know now. Thanks for reading!

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Social Studies

By: Cammy and Erin

Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. Over the past month in social studies we have been studying government. All three branches work together to write laws and to execute them. The first branch is called the legislative branch. It writes bills and sends them to the president to see if he will veto it or not. The second branch is called the executive branch. It first looks over the bill to see if it can be a law. If so, it will be sent to the judicial branch. The judicial branch will look at it and see if it is constitutional. If it’s not, it will be sent back to the Congress and they'll look it over. All branches are important to each other and none are more important than the other, and they all are important to the government our our country. They work together and we call that a system of 'check and balances'.


Seeing Eye Dog Assembly

By: Kaite and Clare

“Ruff Ruff!” What is that we hear? “Ruff Ruff!” We hear it again. Oh-no! Monsters are in our school! We’re all gonna die! Oh, wait.. They’re just dogs but not any dogs.. Seeing Eye dogs! Our teacher told us we’re going to the auditorium. We all said but why? But she just wouldn't tell us!!!! Once we got down to the auditorium we saw them. Their names were Gail, Sunny, Hanna, and Vivey. You could not just go up to them and start petting them, you had to ask the owner and then put the back of your hand under their mouth. But you would not do that if they were on their job. Did you know that eye seeing dogs don’t like being pet on their back? Eye seeing dogs have to be trained before given to a blind person. Did you know that some dogs do not train well or are too old to do the job? So, they are given to a family.

Facts in a Flick

  1. Did you know that eye seeing dogs were just regular dogs taken in to be trained?

  2. Did you know that only labs, retrievers, and German Shepherds can be trained?

  3. Did you know that they don’t use treats when training or ever?

Borough Hall Field Trip

By: Holly and Gabe

So, first we walked from school to Borough Hall. When we got there we went in this giant room filled with chairs. So we got assigned groups and we split up and went all over the building. And our first stop was to go to meet the mayor. He is such a good mayor. He has a lot of responsibilities. Next we went to the police department. There was a police officer to guide us around the police department While we were there she showed us all of her badges she got all of her years of being a police officer ( trust me she has a lot of badges). After that we got to see what people do in court. We got to have examples of being in court. I could say for the most part it was fun! THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!

Hour of Code

By: Maya and Charlotte

Move forward, turn right, turn left. This month we learned how to code on the website hour of code. There were lots of different games on the website. For example, there was Minecraft, Flappy Bird, Frozen, and a lot more coding games. We think coding is a good thing to learn how to do because the world is becoming linked to computers. Here is a fun fact about coding most games are made using coding. Most people in our class liked coding, but some people thought it was tricky. We are not sure how many classes participated, but we know it is done worldwide. CODING IS AWESOME!

Geography Bee

By: Vladi and Ben

"Buzz, Buzz!!" Here comes the Geography Bee. Don't worry, it won't sting you! Mrs. Kaubin gave us a choice if we wanted to do the geography bee or not. Overall, 14 students ended up participating. As you can probably tell, the geography bee is just a geography test, but not just any test, it’s a very hard test. 4K's winners were Paige Esemplare, Jeffrey Hess, and Kaite Duffy! They rocked it! The winners will go on to round two (the school tournament). The pressure is on!

Blue Ribbon Pep Rally

By: Jack T. and Will

This week, we had a Blue Ribbon Pep Rally. We had it because we won the 2015 Blue Ribbon Award. Do you know how rare it is to win it? Here is Mr. Bissinger's words:

Only 285 public schools across the United States were named Blue Ribbon Schools. This may seem like a lot but there are about 100,000 public schools in our country. This means that only .29% of schools in the US received this honor. In New Jersey our school was one of only 9 public elementary schools to win this award. There are about 2,500 public schools in NJ. This means that just .36% of schools in NJ won this award.

It means that WE are one of the best schools in New Jersey and in the whole country! Here was the agenda for our pep rally: Mr. B spoke, then a person from Congress, then Dr. Perry, then Mr. Wilson, and then we sang the new school song that Mr. Hecker wrote. It rocks!!! We LOVE LIZZY HADDON SCHOOL!

Winter Cookie Exchange

By: Emme and Jack W.

For the holidays, 4K planned a cookie exchange! A cookie exchange is where everybody brings in cookies and we all swap. People bring in recipes ahead of time so we all know what’s in it. We were all so excited because we are doing it in honor of the holidays. We were allowed to bring in cookies, brownies, muffins etc. Emme brought in Chocolate Chip Cookies, Jack brought in Sugar Cookies, and Paige brought in Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. We were all so excited! So, here is what some of our friends think... Gabe says, "It’s cookie fun!" Vladi and Ben say, "it’s a tasty time of year!" and Erin says, "YUM YUM!! "We hope you found our cookie exchange fun and interesting!

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Club Kaubin

By: Olivia and Luca

Hello! I am telling you about CLUB KAUBIN! Club Kaubin is a reward we get. To open Club Kaubin, our compliment chain has to reach the floor. Each time we get a compliment, we get a link of the chain. Some us know what you do at Club Kaubin because we had older brothers and sisteres in Mrs. Kaubin's class. We're hoping Club Kaubin opens in 2016!!

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Winter Break - No School, December 24 to January 4

Wegman's Field Trip, January 5

Geography Bee, January 7

Winter Concert, January 12

Martin Luther King Jr. Day - No School, January 18

Beginner's Concert, January 19

Community Meeting, January 20

Mrs. Kaubin's Birthday, January 25

"This is my wish for you; peace of mind, prosperity through the year, happiness that multiplies, health for you and yours, fun around every corner, energy to chase your dreams, and joy to fill your holiday!"