Corbett Grade School

June 2022

Corbett Grade School Principal, Michelle Dawkins

Dear Families,

"Joy is an act of resistance." ~Toi Derricotte, American Poet.

There was a lot that challenged us from finding joy this past year. The struggles that our students, teachers, and families faced were immense, but yet we resisted and never gave up. Through that resistance we found joy. The joy of a child's laughter in our hallways or out on the playground. The joy of learning to read a good book and to appreciate the characters in the story or the information it provides. The joy of learning how to work and play together. The joy of learning about ourselves, the people that support us, and all of the hope it brings to know that through the challenges we can rely on each other and the joy of being together.

Joyfully yours,

Michelle Dawkins

Corbett Grade School Principal

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Corbett Grade School Lost and Found

Please look carefully at the Lost and Found items for the months April and May 2022. Let your student's teacher know if you what to claim an item. We also have several items in our lost and found near the grade school gym. All items will be donated June 8.

Carrie Evans at

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Summer Learning and Fun

Summer Enrichment Week 1 - June 13-16

Summer Enrichment Week 2 - June 21-24

Kindergarten Camp New to Corbett Grade School August 8-11

Retirements and New Adventures

This year, we have several staff members who will be retiring or leaving on a new adventure.

Kristin Wold, classroom teacher, will be retiring after over 31 years at Corbett Grade School. While she is officially retiring and will be traveling, she promises to join us next year as a guest teacher!

Connie Renner, para support, will be retiring after 16 years assisting students as a one-to-one support. During the next year, Mrs. Renner will be spending more time taking care of her family.

Holly Dearixon, our curriculum coordinator, will be retiring after over 35 years with Corbett School District. Mrs. Dearixon began her career as a fifth grade classroom teacher and then transitioned into providing K-12 support and direction for our school district.

James McDermott, classroom teacher, will be off to a new adventure. He, his wife, and their son, will be moving to Poland. Mr. McDermott will be teaching while his wife pursue's her masters degree.

Michelle Dorr, classroom teacher, will be taking a leave of absence for the 2022-23 year. She plans on returning for the 2023-23 school year.

CGS Thought Exchange: What are some of the highlights of this school year for your child and your family?

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2022-23 Corbett School District Calendar

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