Bullying Needs To Stop!

By:Ruby LIvingston


We should stop bullying completely. We need to take a stand to bullying and make it a bullying free world. Bullying people can be very harmful and it can cause people to change them. Bullying comes down to physical bullying, aggressive bullying, and cyberbully.

Physical Bullying

Have you ever seen physical bullying at your school or outside of school? Well when you see physical bullying you see something like a kick, hit, or hazing. When you hit or kick you can get hurt but with hazing it is like when you are trying to make a kid do something to get in a group or a club and the hazing can cause some kid to do legal things and hurtful things. When you make someone do something like that you are called a bully but if you do it once it is not called bullying. When you are the person getting the grief and getting hurt multiple times it is called bullying in any why it happens. Keep in mind you when you think you are being physically bullied you tell an adult

Aggressive Bullying

Next is aggressive bullying. Aggressive bullying can go into physical bullying too. When you see aggressive bullying you see sometimes bad languish or hurtful meaningful words. That can lead to changing you and who you were. When that happens to maybe you are a next to the person, you can stand up to them and take a stand and stop it. Do not let it happen again to you or another person. STOP!


Last is cyberbullying and it happens on the internet. It can happen with mean words, threats, and it can end with suicide. It can get very bad and hurtful. When cyberbullying happens kids tend to not tell someone about what is going on and that can be very bad it can end with you have to think in some where else and think it is ok to try suicide. Some of the places that cyberbullying can happen is on social media pages and comets and mean things can be said. For example some of the medea pages are Email, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are some medea pages that have been seen to send mean things out. Cyberbullying is not ok to do and it will not go away and if it gets bad the police can get involved, it needs to stop!


Finally, bullying should be stopped and it all comes down to physical bullying, aggressive bullying, and cyberbullying. Bullying should never take place it is bad and it should never happen. If you ever see it happen tell an adult or someone that can listen because it can get out of hand and it will have to stop and you will always want it to stop. STOP BULLYING AND TAKE A STAND!

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