P'ville Elementary Newsletter

January 2017 Edition - We're Growing Learners & Leaders

Mission Statement for Pleasantville Community Schools

The Pleasantville Community School District, in partnership with the entire community, will empower every student to become a life-long learner who is a responsible, productive and engaged citizen within the global community

January: A Month of Recognition for Pleasantville Elementary

January brought some great news and recognition for Pleasantville Elementary.

On January 5, we found out that Solution Tree, an educational consulting and publishing company, had recognized our recent efforts in implementing all the best practices of a Professional Learning Community (PLC) and seeing results that showed improved learning by awarding us with the designation of a "Model PLC School" for 2017. Only nine schools in the entire state and 200 schools in the US and Canada have received this honor.

A week later, we discovered that the state's Department of Education "Iowa School Report Card" had ranked Pleasantville Elementary as a "High-Performing" school. This designation placed the elementary in the top 11% of schools in the state.

A lot of hard work and resources went into achieving these recognitions and we are thrilled to receive them, but we know the work must continue to maintain such high levels of success. We look forward to the opportunity!

Weiler Products Makes Tremendously Generous Donation

Pat Weiler, owner and CEO of Weiler Products, recently announced that the Weiler Foundation has agreed to donate $5,000 per year for five years to the elementary school to support our Leader In Me initiative. Mr. Weiler found that the principles taught through the 7 Habits tied in nicely with the goals and values of Weiler Products. We are extremely honored and appreciative of this phenomenal donation!

Ulrich Motors Makes Contribution to Elementary

Additional financial support came for our Leader In Me program via Ulrich Motors in Pella. We appreciate their support in helping deliver resources to our staff and students to support this initiative by donating $300 to our elementary.

Hormel Makes a Generous Donation Too!

Hormel was the third business to offer a nice donation to our school's Leader In Me initiative. They gave $500 because the 7 Habits and the company's values are very closely aligned. We want to thank Hormel for their wonderful donation!
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Legion Post 108 American Flag Essay Winner

Each year, Legion Post 108 gives fifth graders at Pleasantville the opportunity to express their patriotism and love for our American flag by writing an essay, and in the process compete for a chance to win $50. This year's winner is Emily Dority (pictured), the daughter of Ryan Dority and Amanda & Josh Blackford. Emily is a student in Mrs. Kenyon's class. Emily's essay (typed up below) is off to the state level competition with a chance to win an additional $300! Good luck Emily!

"The American Flag and What it Means to Me" by Emily Dority

"There are so many reasons why the American flag means a lot to me. One of the reasons is freedom. The flag means freedom to me because when I see the flag it makes me feel thankful for the men and women who fought so we can have freedom in our country. When I look at the flag it makes me proud, because it makes me think of how caring Americans are for each other. For example, in our class we are setting up a cafe called the Wildfire Cafe. All the money we raise will go to Tennessee to help them rebuild, because houses and stores were destroyed from the wildfires. The flag also makes me feel safe. I know I am safe when I am out and about in my town or anywhere in my country. I know that the citizens of this great country are there to help me if there is ever a time I am in need of help. I feel protected by my fellow Americans. The flag makes me feel so many different emotions. It makes me feel happy, thankful, proud, all very good feelings. That is why the American flag means a lot to me."

Congratulations to our January "Trojan Trompers!"

In January, we focused our attention on the habit "Thinking Win-Win," which focuses on a solution that will benefit everyone involved. It's easy to be self-absorbed sometimes and to look out for what will make you happy. WIN-WIN isn't about giving up what you want to make someone else happy, it's about making EVERYONE happy. It's different than the word compromise. In a compromise each person gives in a little. WIN-WIN is all about taking two ideas and working together to come up with a THIRD ALTERNATIVE that's better than each idea on its own. Congratulations to the following students who were nominated by their teacher for best exemplifying this habit and got to participate in the latest "Trojan Tromp": Jocelyn Jurgens, Hayden Aylsworth, Chloe Finley, Kase Jackson, Ava Beacom, Clara Wilson-Sanders, Griffen Wallace, Zayden Fouch, Ephraim Thao, Sawyer Nott, Aman Sandhu, Ava Gilpin, Gabriella Claver, James Good, Kailee Nepamuceno, Adi Koerselman, Grayson McGill, Brody Adreon, Grace Rood, Tessa Pion, Mason Mull, Raya Harrier, Paul Gasparovich, Kayne Brent, Calvin Boone, Tommy Sawhill, Riley Lowman, Talyn Spaur, Macie-May Kuhnen, Sarah Mann, Zander Freeborn, Ali Archer, Carter Metcalf, Finely Cowden, Mallory Thorpe, Taylor Smith, Elizabeth Goodale and THE Jayden Tibben.
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Congratulations to Mrs. Wicks' Preschool Class, this month's "Orange Pride Classroom of the Month"

Nineteen classrooms had the opportunity to be selected for our Classroom of the Month, but only one could win this honor! Congratulations to Mrs. Wicks' class for being selected as the recipient of this prestigious award. They were chosen thanks to collectively and consistently exhibiting our PBIS Orange Pride Expectations: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe. These are the "school rules" our students follow as part of our PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support) system. The classroom of the month earns a special privilege such as extra recess minutes and/or reading the morning announcements. Way to go!

Passion Projects

Mrs. Kenyon's 5th grade class and Miss Wild's 2nd grade class have teamed up with one another on an awesome learning opportunity. Each second grade student was paired with a fifth grade student and they discovered what things they had in common, such as interests and likes. This information helped drive research that the pairs could investigate to learn more about these "passions." For example, groups investigated things like how to build a better Minecraft house, what makes trampolines so bouncy, how can you cast a fishing pole better to catch fish, and so on. These two grade level classrooms meet for one hour once per week to research and write about what they've learned and will craft a presentation later this year. According to Miss Wild, the results so far have been tremendous. She said that the kids are doing a great job working together, researching and coming up with ideas on how to present their findings. What a wonderful way to cooperatively learn!

PBIS Assembly

1st and 2nd graders organized and performed our latest PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports) Assembly on Thursday, January 26th. They peformed a "7 Habits Song" that the entire school will learn. Audience participation was amazing! A video of this performance is linked below and a final version will be created to share at the end of this school year. Thanks first and second graders for teaching it to us! In addition, five lucky students had their PBIS "Punch Card" drawn and won $5. The winners were (pictured below): Evan Dawson, Gage Hilgenberg, Hayden Mull, Kyndra Watkins and Paul Gasparovich. Congratulations!
Pville Rocks

Upcoming Important Dates for Parents

FAST reading assessments: Week of January 31-February 3rd

Monday late starts (10:10 AM): February 6, 13, 27

NO SCHOOL: February 20

Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences: February 21 & 23 from 4-8 PM

Iowa Assessments (2nd-5th grades): February 21-24

PTO Meeting: February 1 at 5:30 PM in elementary library

5th Graders Perform at Iowa Wild Hockey Game

Mrs. Simpson took twenty-one 5th graders up to Wells Fargo Arena to perform the National Anthem at the Iowa Wild hockey game on Friday, January 20th. Everyone had a great time and most of all, they delivered a sensational performance for a large crowd of people and represented Pleasantville with pride! Way to go!
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