The northwestern us


washington (WA)




area-71303 square miles

pop-7 million

res name-washingtonian

nickname-evergreen state

motto-by and by

song-louie louie

bird-American goldfinch

flower-Coast rhododendron

tree-western hemlock

state flag-green for evergreen and Washington for the states name

history-adopted the flag in 1923 and a tsunami hit in 1700, etc...

industry-ag, lumber etc...

agriculture-largest potato yields in the us

famous people-dove Cameron, Oleta Adams

places to go-seattle, Olympic national park

Oregon (OR)

capital- Salem

city- Portland

area-98,386 square miles

pop -3,930,065

res name - Oregonians

nickname- Beaver State

motto"She Flies With Her Own Wings"

song-Oregon, My Oregon

bird-Western Meadowlark

flower-Oregon grape

tree-Douglas fir

flag-blue and gold with optional gold fringe, adopted in 1925

industry/ag - timber, paper products, farming (wheat, cattle), mining (coal), computer equipment, electronics

history-Oregon was explored by Lewis and Clark, and in the 19th century they were nearly hunted to extinction.

people-Danny Ainge and Douglas C. Engelbart.

places-portland, beach, bend, cannon beach, crater lake national park.