Gift Of Life

Giving Life A Second Chance

What Is It?

The Gift Of Life Donor foundation works to coordinate life-saving transplants for the people awaiting them and generous support for the families of the donor. The program gives people a second chance at life through organ donation. It is located in Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. Gift Of Life is apart of the nationwide organ and tissue transplantation network that brings together 150 acute care hospitals in the work of giving people a second chance.

How Does It Work?

Gift Of Life coordinates the difficult process of organ and tissue transplants. There is a complex medical process along with helping the donor's family and the receiver. Through all of this, there is always the center of the donation that goes back to the individuals who say "yes" to the donation. The Gift Of Life Donation evaluates every single donor and makes sure that the organs go through the correct process and the right medical recovery/transplants.

Save a life and feel better about your own.

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