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Dear Parents,

Academic mentoring of Year 12 and Year 13 is currently going ahead. The students are very engaged with this process and the sessions are proving to be very productive. Students are using the strategies from their reports which should lead to improved grades, both in the mock exams in February and their summer exams. Students are being asked to check the provisional mock exam timetable which will be published to them next week and inform the office of any issues. Once this is finalised, it will be published to parents.

On a lighter note, in form times over the coming weeks, students are taking part in weekly subject quizzes which will culminate in a Grand Final for the forms with the highest overall scores. This week's was a lively quiz on technology - next week it will be history!

Andy Giles

Stephanie Rogers


Thurs & Fri 19 & 20 January - Sixth Form Art mock exams

Sat 21 January - Berks Cross Country Championships

Tues 24 January - Visiting speaker - Louise Schembri from Sytner Group. 3.30pm HM4

Wed 25 January - IGCSE English paper 9am Senior Boys site

Wed 25 January - Information evening for 2018 Rugby tour to Canada at Senior Boys 6pm

Wed 8 Februaury - Dance show 7-9pm

Thurs 9 February - Dance show 2-4pm & 7-9pm

Thurs 9 February - Heathrow Jobs & Careers Fair, Sofitel Hotel, T5, Heathrow

Mon 20 - Fri 24 February - Mock AS and A Level exams all week

Tues 28 February - Maths trip to the Hexagon, Reading

Mon 6 March - Year 12 Parents' Evening 6pm

Thurs 16 March - Year 13 Parents' Evening 6pm

Update to Parental details

If you have recently moved house, been given a new mobile phone number or a new email address, please do not forget to let me know so that we can update our school database. The Sixth Form office frequently need to contact parents, especially if a student is not in school and we do need your up to date information. Also if you have recently moved house, do let me know your new address as all reports and grade cards do get posted to parents' homes. You can contact me on

Many thanks



If you have not yet had a chance to do so, please complete the Parent Travel Survey online. Your feedback is important to us.
Emergency Closure Guidance

As the weather gets colder, here are the details in case we need to close the School due to adverse weather conditions.

Former Head Girl selected for GB Hockey Squad

Former pupil Ellie Rayer has been selected for the GB Hockey Squad. Ellie will be training daily alongside completing the second year of her Sports Technology degree. Read more here including what Ellie had to say >>>

Anxiety in Year 12 Psychology lesson

In Psychology, Year 12 have been studying the topic of memory. Isaac's group were given the task of delivering a lesson on the impact of anxiety on eye-witness testimony or the benefits of using cognitive interviews. Both groups delivered superb presentation and demonstrated their knowledge and their ability to work with their peers.

Miss Lamagna


Our psychology lesson on Anxiety started with a quiz that consisted of five questions. The aim for the group watching our presentation was to answer almost all of them correctly otherwise they would have to stay in at lunch break. This was to demonstrate the impact of anxiety on recalling accurate information. Our group decided that it would be a good idea for Mrs Hall to come up to enforce our sanction, as a ‘legitimate authority’ so the rest of the students thought it a serious matter. The class seemed to do well and answer the questions correctly however we did notice some slight changes in behaviour as a result of the anxiety - group-mates talking over each other in a rush. The activity and presentation allowed us to witness some of the effects of anxiety first hand.


The presentation really expressed how anxiety plays an effect in behaviour. Even though I thought I knew we would not be kept in at lunch my hands still began to sweat. I also found that my mind went blank because we really had to answer the questions correctly and within 30 seconds! After the presentations Miss Lamagna explained the physiological impact of stress and this gave us a clear understanding of why eye witness testimonies in a court case may not be as accurate as we may think.

'RAHAB' Sixth Form assembly

On Friday in assembly, the Sixth Form were introduced to Nicola from 'RAHAB' in Reading, a charity founded in 2009 to care for those affected by prostitution, human trafficking and exploitation, be it criminal, financial or sexual. They learned that this affects the lives of countless people of all ages, nationalities and walks of life. Last year, in Reading alone, there were 86 victims of exploitation, 15 being victims of trafficking. RAHAB's challenge is to be part of the solution for change for those without a voice or choice whilst providing the highest level of restorative care and prioritising their dignity and freedom. Nicola asked for volunteers to help with the presentation and Lauren Walters, Matt Simmons and Joe Gribben stepped up to the task of being victims of trafficking. The average cost of a trafficked human being is just £200 and they can earn thousands of pounds for their "owners". It was interesting to learn how it is possible for victims to recruit further victims and yet not be in a position to escape from the people who hold them captive. We are hoping that Nicola can come back to talk about this in more depth in the future.

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