Elvis Presley,Hair Styles, Mustangs

These are my subjects that I chose for my Pop Culture 1960s


Did you know Elvis Presley was famous in the 1960's ? Well he was! Elvis Presley was a fantastic singer/actor. S.E Hinton wrote a Historical Fiction novel called the Outsiders. This is one of the most popular books of all time .Elvis,Hair Styles and Ford Mustangs were all mentioned in this book and they're the subjects that I chose for my research paper.

Elvis Presley

Elvis got married in 1967 and had a daughter named Lisa Marie in 1968. Him and his wife got divorced in 1973, and she got custody of there daughter. He became an addict of prescription drugs, and died of an heart attack at the age of 42.

Hair Styles

People used all kinds of stuff! Wigs, Hair Pieces and a wide Head bands attached to false hair were some of the things women would use. There were also head scarves. Mothers tied them under there chin and daughters tied them behind there neck.


Mustangs were very local in Detroit, Michigan. They came with a plastic rear window that folded into the rear boot. They often used mustangs in movies. In the first year of selling them Ford sold 418,812 cars.