Psychological Disorders

Alex Tison

What is a Psychological Disorder?

A psychological disorder is a harmful disfunction, of deviant, distressful, and dysfunctional patterns of thoughts, feelings, or behaviors.

This could be anything from depression to obsessive compulsive disorder. A psychological disorder affects the everyday function of life.

The 3 D's of psychology

Deviant: Behavior or thought that differ from the cultural norm.

Distress: Caused by deviant behavior, is a subjective feeling that something is really wrong.

Dysfunction: Persons ability to work and or live is clearly impaired.

Diagnosing Mental Disorders

To diagnose a mental disorder, health professionals and physicians use the "DSM". The DSM (The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) is a written manual where all known mental disorders are recored. First published in 1952 with a little over 100 disorders, the DSM 4th edition has evolved to about 300 known disorders, with over 256 new categories to define them. Major changes from the DSM fourth edition to the latest DSM 5th edition is a similar increase of about 10 percent new diagnostic categories.

The Roshenhan Experiment

This was an experiment done by psychologist David Rosenhan. The experiment itself tested the validity of mental hospitals and their diagnosing of mental disorders. Fake patients were sent in to hospitals claiming to have heard voices, once admitted they acted completely normal. The experiment then recorded how long it took for the patients to be let out, and how they were treated. Meaning what ht hospitals did to treat the "disorder".

Selected Disorder: Bipolar disorder

Jean Claude Vann Damme is best know for his movie Bloodsport. The skilled martial artist is not the only side we see of him in his movies. Away from the camera, he was someone completely different. He suffered from Bi-polar disorder. Bi-polar disorder, Van Damme was diagnosed with bipolar disorder sometime after 1997 after his film "knockoff" was produced. Previously to being diagnosed, Claude says he felt so low sometimes, nothing could make him happy. That lead him to his cocain addiction, which he eventually kicked. Upon being diagnosed he stated taking the medicine Sodium Valporate. Within a week, Claude was beginning to see results and was slowly returning back to himself.

More information

More people and movies that deal with bipolar disorder include the more modern film "Mad love" starring drew berrymore, and the film"Mr. jones". Other famous people we know to have the disorder include singer Demi Lavato, Actress Carrie fisher, who we know as Leia, and artist Vincent Van Gough.