Fall Renaissance Music History Tour

Involving six composers all around the low countries

Moulin (Château du Moulin)

The Château du Moulin, in France, is our first stop. Moulin means Mill, so the name literary means Castle of the Mill. It built during 1480 and 1501. Duke Charles VIII lived there and Johannes Ockghemen worked in the choir there.

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Milan (Milan Cathedral)

The Milan Cathedral, also known as Duomo di Milano (in italian), is the second tour stop. It began being built in 1386 but it was put in hiatus until around 1480. This was where Josquin Desprez worked at some point before 1477, making it known that it there were only three more 'sightings' after that.. The church is an Italian gothic style and is dedicated to St. Mary of Nascent

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Cambrai (Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Grâce de Cambrai)

The "Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Grâce de Cambrai" is a Renaissance-time cathedral and also our third destination. It is a Roman Catholic cathedral and it was built in between 1696 and 1703. Here it was were Guillaume Dufay was enlisted as a choirboy during 3 years. The original one was brunt down in 1492 and only plans remain of it. In the cathedral, there is a Italo-Byzantine painting called "Our Lady of Cambrai"

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Sainte-Waudru Collegiate Church

The fourth stop is in the Sainte-Waudru Collegiate Church in France. Situated in the Count of Hainaut, it is an excellent example of a Brabantine Gothic style. This was also were Gilles Binchois worked in a part of his life. The church is 115 meters long, 32 m. wide and 24.5 m high. It is surrounded by 15 chapels

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Antwerp (Church of our lady)

Our fifth stop is the 169 year old "Church of our Lady". Being 123m. tall, it is the Highest Gothic building in the low countries. This is another place where Johannes Ockeghem worked as a singer for 15 years. It contains a big collection of Art works. The address is:



2000 Antwerpen

Fees: Groups (min. 20 people), students, 60+ : 3 euro

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Last stop: Amsterdam (Oude Kerk)

Our last stop is in Oudekerksplein 23 1012 GX Amsterdam the Netherlands, also known as Oude Kerk, which means, old church. It was built in the 1300's, making it the oldest building in the city. It is dedicated to St. Nicholas and it covers 3,300 m2. It has many gravestones, including Sweelinck's.

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