Duck Billed Platypus

A report on the amazing Duck billed Platypus

By Carson Miller

Today I shale give a report on the amazing Duck Bill Platypus


The Platypus is found only in Australia. during the day you find this animal in its burrow snoozing away most of the day. Well at night it hunts for food.
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Interesting Facts

.The Platypus has a six sense.

.The Platypus is one of a few egg laying mammals.

.There is no official name for the baby Platypus but some people believe it should be Platy-pups.

.The Platypus is believed to once had a stomach but no more.

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The Platypus main diet is Cray-Fish. The Platypus hunts with both eyes and ears closed , it hunts by feeling and its sixth sense electromagnetic sensors.

Caring for Young

The Platypus Mates in the spring (Australia's August to October).The Female makes a burrow at least 66 in. from the bank . In the burrow you will find the eggs covered with damp leaves. This keeps the eggs from drying out. In 17 weeks the platy-pups are ready to live on there own.
I Hope you enjoyed my report on the Platypus