Gerrits Buget Activity!!

This Is My Work Enjoy

This the first part the first part the first part is the Christmas/Birthday wish list.

The first thing i picked was a WII U bundle that cost $322.92, after that i picked a pair of White Beats for $410.4, then I found a Dell Laptop for $486.00, after I found one of the newest game systems a PS4 bundle with 3 games for $505.4, and after that the last thing I found is something every one wants a XBOX ONE bundle with 2 games for $535.68.

The second part was to find a job that you want to do in the future and what I choose was a Professianl Football Player and heres my work.

What I found out was the monthly wage of a professinal football player is $6,313. Then I found out my monthly wage for 8 things they are Housing, Food, Transportation, Healthcare, Entertaiment, Savings, Other, and Apparel & Service. The housing cost $2,146.42, the food cost $757.56, the transportation cost $1,010.08, then the healthcare cost $378.78, the entertaiment cost $315.65, then I found out the savings cost $820.69, the other stuff cost $631.3, last but not least I found out the apparel and service cost $252.52.

The last thing my class did on this project is a little lunch chart for 3 people heres how what I found out.

For the first person their entre was Roast Turkey that cost $3.95 then they coose Hot Chocoalate for there beverage and it cost $.99 and for their desert they chose a chocolate cake for $1.50 there total cost was $6.44. For the second person there entre was Grilled Chicken Breast and it cost $5.25 for there beverage they chose was Iced Tea $.80 that cost $ after that they choose a desert and they choose Strawberry Pie and there total cost was $7.94. On the third person for their entre they choose Baked Meatloaf and it cost $3.95 there beverage they choose was lemonade and it cost $.99 and for there desert they choose a chocolate cake and it cost $1.50. The tip they left th water was $4.16 and there tax was $1.66 and there final cost was $26.64