A Horse For The Summer

BY: Michelle Bates


This book is about a boy training an out of shape champion come back on top. He has to keep working so his cousins horse can come on top. Nick said to clip his mane, cut his hair, and fix his coat and hooves. Chancey has to pull his own weight to get to stay at Sandy Lane. When Nick tried Chancey and Tom atHorse Practice, Chancey freaked out at the attempt of the jump and ran away. Tom decided to put Chancey in secret. Early in the mornings, Tom would take Chancey out to practice. LAter Tom enters him in a jumping competition. NIck is mad at tom for disobeing him.
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Chancey is a Champion Show jumper owned by a awful rider. Georgina left Chancey with tom. Tom couldnt wait to meet Chancey and ride a champion.When Tom sees Chancey and what condition hes in he doesnt think he is Chancey because he came in a rusty old trailer and Georgina(owner) was nowhere to be found. Chanceys hair is long and needs to be clipped, his mane and tail are in knot, and he has crazy in his eyes. Nick is disapointed when he sees this and has to go away. How is he going to get Chancey in shape and be able to pull his own weight?
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The Secret

Tom wants to get Chancey in shape but Nick doesnt have time for him. Tom decides to go undercover. He wakes up early in the morning and scretly tacks up Chancey and sneaks into the feild or arena to practice. When tom gets Chancey untacked in his stall, NIck walked in and caught Tom. Good thing Tom got Chancey untacked in time! Next time Chancey has practice, Nick sees the result but still doesnt know what happened.
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Chancey was a horse born to fly. When it is Toms turn to go he is astaunded by how much room still to fly over the jump. When one time Chancey came close to not naking it, it gets him exited and the next jump, he clears it by a foot. Chancey made the fastest time in one of the shows. Chancey was calm when it was his time to go. Tom knew that his turn would be the best!