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About the 2016 Presidential Candidates

By: Cortez Jiles

Hillary Clinton Info

If Hillary Clinton a 68 year old democrat wins the presidential election she will be the first woman as president. Hillary clintons political experiences are that she was the husband of Bill Clinton while he was president, plus she was a lawyer and a senator. Clintons laws experiances was that she went to law school. She was a Republican (before 1968). Hillary Clinton wants to keep the guns out of the hands of the wrong people and Hillary wants people to have freedom for everyone.

Donald Trump Info

Donald Trump a 70 year old Republican run for president. Donald Trumps military experience is that he went to a military academy. Donald Trump has raised $168.2M and went to wharton, a school of finance. Donald Trump is a really good speaker and can rally a crowd. Trump wants to get rid of Islamic terrorist groups as fast as he can. Trump also wants to prosecute people who are criminals that use guns for the wrong purposes.